By Elyakim Haetzni

On the day the newspapers played up the story of a sexual harassment complaint which led the accused to commit suicide, they buried the prime minister's assent to a Palestinian state in a forsaken corner of the page. Thus with an intolerable insouciance, a principle emblazoned in Labor Party platforms as well was abandoned. Labor's leaders had always explained that a Palestinian State would only arise upon the fall of the Jewish State since by its very being a Palestinian State negates first of all our right of existence and subsequently our existence itself. A fundamental instinct above and beyond internal politics, motivated all Zionist parties to totally reject a Palestinian State.

There can be no clearer testimony to the erosion of the Israeli Jews' desire for life than the resounding silence with which the Israeli public on both the left and the right greeted Barak's recognition of a Palestinian state. A short while after Barak's words to Clinton "Israel will be the first to recognize a Palestinian State" were made public, Abu-Ala, one of the architects of the peace, provided an authoritative commentary: "We are the cancer in the Israelis belly."

Since of all the possible holidays, Barak chose precisely the Passover holiday to celebrate the Palestinian "festival of freedom" it would be productive to remind him of the ten plagues which this state will visit upon the Jews in Israel and they are as follows:

1. TERROR "No connection with peace" (Peres); will continue until the completion of "revolution to victory" as per the "strategy of stages". Any obligation tendered by the Palestinians to combat terror, will be violated as has occurred to this date.

Casus Belli: A huge blast on the model of the Beirut car bombs, followed by a Retaliatory action against Shechem. Palestine will invoke the Pan-Arab Defense Pact.

2. REFUGEES First to arrive will be 350,000 from Lebanon to facilitate the withdrawal. Any quota agreed upon in the peace agreement will not be honored just as it was not honored in the interim agreement (about 200,000 infiltrators). Millions more are on the way.

Casus Belli: A march of women and children towards Lod and Ramleh. Such a march was employed by the late King Hassan II of Morocco to liquidate Spanish Morocco. To survive, Israel will have to employ force.

3. WATER When the world, courtesy of CNN, will view thirsty refugess counterposed to watered lawns in Ramat Aviv, it will support wildcat Palestinian drilling which will destroy the mountain aquifer, on the precedent of the prohibited Gaza drilling which salinated the wells in Gaza.

Casus Belli: Israel becomes desiccated, and forcibly intervenes to seal up the wells. Whoever surrenders the land will shed his blood for water.

4. MILITARY PACTS Just as it violated the interim agreement prohibiting the establishment of diplomatic relations, so Palestine will conclude military treaties with Arab countries and with Iran with a view to serving as a tripwire for a pan-Arab attack to exterminate Israel.

Casus Belli: A perpetual Palestinian threat which will compel Israel either to swallow every violation or risk a general war.

5. ARMS RACE The demilitarization agreement will be violated as were all the limitations on arms in the interim accords. Arafat is armed today with tens of thousands light and heavy machine guns, missiles and mines, "an armed peace" (Barak).

Casus Belli: An Israeli attempt to destroy Palestinian armor, artillery and surface to air missiles to remove a military threat at the outskirts of Israel's cities.

6. A TROJAN HORSE Today, Israeli Arab students hoist the P.L.O. flag, tomorrow they will demand autonomy. Israeli Arabs will function as a fifth column on behalf of the Palestinian state to undermine orderly life and government from within and turn the Zionist clock back.

Casus Belli: An internal uprising, subdued by the Israeli army, prompting Palestinian intervention from across the border, on the model of the Sudetenland Germans in 1938.

7. A GLOBAL ANTI-SEMITIC FOCAL POINT Palestine will serve as a refuge and base of operations for anti-semites in the Christian west who chafe under post-holocaust limitations. Today only the Palestinians are entitled to deny the holocaust, to negate the Jews' identity as a nation and appropriate their history from Abraham to Jesus. "Mein Kampf" is a best seller in Palestine. Palestine will earn millions from the dissemination of Nazi literature.

Casus Belli: Neo-Nazi groups operating out of Palestine.

8. PIRACY Like a leech Palestine will suck the Israeli economy. Refugees, workers and thieves will infiltrate via the boundaries. Sewage and other hazards will pollute the area. Debts won't be paid, rights won't be honored. Israelis will be arrested and harmed.

Casus Belli: Having given up on their handcuffed police force, Israeli citizens will act in self-defense.

9. IRRIDENTA Palestine will seek to expand, at first to the 1947 boundaries (U.N. Resolution 181). The spearhead will be Israeli Arabs attempting to settle in every town and village that they abandoned in 1948.

Casus Belli: Jerusalem, the focal point of the dispute.

10. RIFT Palestine will strike at Israel via the "Jeroboam Complex" who divided the country and the nation. Bitter quarrels will arise concerning who should be blamed for the irreversible trap, caused by Palestinian statehood and these quarrels will envenom the political atmosphere. Embittered members of the right will emigrate blaming the left for implanting the Palestinian dybbuk but sympathizers of the left, dissappointed with the frustration of their peace dream will depart as well. Post-Palestine Israel will know no peace, only hatred.


The ten plagues are already with us now, in the era of the Interim agreements. But as long as they are confined within these strict limits, they are still an internal matter. One can annul an interim accord, one cannot annul a state. The difference is the difference between abortion and murder. Ehud Barak assumes the responsibility, that from now on the unsolved Palestinian demands will be backed up by a state, an army and international guarantees - i.e. perpetuated and suffused with the danger of war, just like the withdrawal which he is engineering in South Lebanon. It will be a lamentation for generations.


Elyakim Haetzni is an attorney and former Knesset member who lives in Kiryat Arba.

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