By Helene Klein

1. Stop all negotiations with the Arabs right away. This is the most important move because the Arabs have no intention of making peace with Israel. All they want is to weaken Israel to such a degree that they can come and destroy the Jewish state.

2. Realize and resolve that giving Arabs land is not going to lead to peace. Why did the Arabs attack Israel when the state was tiny, weak and could barely survive? Because they assumed that Israel was then weak enough that they could destroy our Holy Land for good.

3. Reorganize and retrain the military. Teach them that this land belongs to the Jewish people for all time. Their duty is to defend this land and its people with all their might and with all their strength. An attack on Israel from an Arab country or Arab individual should be forcefully counter-attacked by Israel and her armed forces.

4. Every Israeli soldier should have the right to defend himself including the decision to strike back at Arab attackers as soon as he sees that the Arab wants to attack him. To strike first is the best defense. The duty of every Israeli soldier is to defend and protect the Land and its people including himself.

5.Dissolve the present Israeli Supreme Court. Take away the absolute power of the Supreme Court Justices. Give the Knesset the power to investigate and nominate Supreme Court Justices.

6. The Arabs should not be allowed to vote in elections in Israel. No Arab should have the right to be a member of the Knesset. No one who wishes that the Jewish State should destroy itself and plots actively to accomplish this, should have the privilege to sit on the public committees where this could do harm to Israel.

7. Restrain the police. They should be taught that the Arabs are our enemies and not the Jews. Jews in Israel should have the right to demonstrate and voice their opinions in all matters concerning Israel.

8. Reorganize the school system. Teach Jewish children the history of their homeland including the true history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Children need to know the truth and all the truth. Do away with the lies that Israel was strong and mean to the Arabs during the War for Independence. This is Arab propaganda in its purest form. Above everything else, teach the children about our beautiful religion which is so full of wisdom. Make the children proud to be Jewish.

9. Make all citizens of Israel aware of what the Land means to the Jewish people. Have speakers come and talk to the public. Arrange for free courses in Jewish history and Jewish religion in all areas of the country.

10. Promote the belief in Hashem. Tell people belief in G-d does not mean that you accept your lot. On the contrary, it means to fight for justice. If you read the Jewish Scriptures you will find out that Hashem is not one to demand blind obedience, on the contrary, G-d wants everyone to get involved.

Take for example the story of the Exodus from Egypt. When the Jews came to the Red Sea and couln't cross. G-d waited till everyone went into the water until the water reached the point between the mouth and nose of everyone. (This is the highest point any person can go without drowning). Then G-d parted the water. Hashem wants every Jew to be courageous and active in the pursuit of their rights. And this includes their right to Eretz Yisrael.


Helene Klein is chair of the Northern California chapter of Americans For A Safe Israel and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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