From the Women in Green

Jerusalem, April 18, 2000

The following is a translation into English of a letter sent by registered mail to Prime Minister Barak and to Deputy Minister Efraim Sneh.


Tuesday, 13 Nisan 5760 April 18, 2000

A Message from the Women of Israel to the Prime Minister, in Honor of the Pesach Holiday

To: Mr. Ehud Barak
Prime Minister of Israel

Mr. Efraim Sneh
Deputy Minister of Defense

On the eve of the Pesach holiday we wish to convey a message from women in the national camp, and especially from the women of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Today, we all know that you intend to implement ethnic cleansing in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. You intend to destroy dozens of settlements in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, and to transfer tens of thousands of Jews from there. Another part of the settlers of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza will presumably be able to remain where they are. You hope that the latter will evacuate their settlements "of their own accord" after the PLO Authority has embittered their lives with intolerable terror. The recent transferal of hundreds of Kalashnikovs from Israel to the arch-murderer Arafat is apparently supposed to make their job easier.

We, the women of Israel, will not let you implement your wicked plan.

The people of Israel continued to exist in Egypt by the merit of the courageous women who, selflessly, at great personal risk, let the male children live, contrary to the decrees of Pharaoh. You should know that, today as well, the spirit of bravery and self-sacrifice has not left the women in Israel. The women of Israel will fight, putting their lives at stake, against your decrees that threaten the continued existence of the people of Israel in its land.

On the eve of Purim we held in Netzarim a conference of the women of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Attached is the public statement that we issued that evening, that has already been signed by hundreds of women. In the coming weeks additional tens of thousands of women will sign, and we shall thereby convey a clear message to you and to the entire world:

"Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people for all time, and only to it - thus our Torah has established. There is no legal or moral validity to the handing over of parts of Eretz Israel to foreigners. This is a betrayal of Judaism for all time. We will not allow our being uprooted from our homes and from our land. We shall not permit the destruction of our life's work. We shall stand resolute at the gate, with our children, against those who arise to destroy us, EVEN IF THEY ARE OUR BROTHERS."

With the hope that you reverse your malicious intentions, Hag Sameach - have a happy holiday!

Ruth and Nadia Matar

Co-chairpersons, Women in Green

[Attached to this letter was the Women's Manifesto that we sent to our e-mail list around Purim time]

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