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Herbert Zweibon, Chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel, asserts, "The United Nations, that expends so much energy and time condemning Israel, has once again shown its hand. The U.N. Human Rights Commission, presently touring Israel, "has been dogged by persistent accusations of pro-Palestinian bias," according to a report in the Feb. 15 Jerusalem Post."

Zweibon continues, "There is no wonder that the accusations fly, since Prof. Richard Falk, one of the three men on the delegation, is notorious for his anti-Israel writings." As a member of "The Jewish Committee on the Middle East," he advocated U.N. sanctions against Israel for the various "massacres" Israel has perpetrated. Furthermore, in a release dated 9/26/96 he called for the suspension of U.S. aid to Israel because of Israel's "policies of repression and occupation."

In Prof. Falk's article, ‘International Law and the al-Aqsa Intifada' printed in ‘Middle East Report- Winter 2000', written after the Commission was formed, he writes, "in international law, Palestinian resistance to occupation is a legally protected right... In essence, we argued that the first intifada was a valid expression of this right of resistance—not illegal or criminal behavior on the part of the Palestinians." He continues in that same report, "Equally importantly, the flagrant violation of international law daily accentuates the injustice to the Palestinian people, intensifies their suffering and cannot be ignored in any approach to conflict resolution. The severity of these violations and their persistence and frequency, also establishes the foundation for an inquiry into whether an abusive structure of illegal prolonged belligerent occupation does not itself amount to the commission of crimes against humanity, beyond the specific wrongs alleged in relation to Geneva IV and international humanitarian law."

"It is clear," affirms Zweibon, " that Prof. Falk was chosen to be on the U.N. delegation especially because of his pro-Arab bias. We further believe the Israelis are right to refuse assistance to the Commission. With its mandate to "gather and compile information on the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force committed by the Israeli occupying power against innocent and unarmed Palestinian citizens," with the possible recommendation that Israel be indicted for war crimes, a conclusion reached even before the commission began its work, it is clear that the findings of the Commission will be invalid. We suggest that, in light of the above, the Senate Foreign Relations committee take another look at the United Nations and its position regarding U.S. allies before releasing money to the U.N."

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