Editor's Note: Israel should take a tough stance against the anti-Semites of Europe. We suggest the following:

1. Temporary break or downgrading of relations with hostile Europeans

2. Allow Embassies only in Jerusalem (Consulates OK in Tel Aviv)

3. Restrict tourism of Israelis to hostile European countries

4. Israel's trade imbalance with Europe is definitely in Europe's favor. Israel could restrict imports of say French wine and German cars

5. All discussion with Europeans related to Arab-Israeli issues should be terminated until the Europeans cease to be anti-Semites. Perhaps a long wait.

6. A long list of European atrocities against Israel and the Jewish People over the last 2000 years. On a daily basis the Foreign Minister should read from the book and ask for an apology and reparations. For example, why not ask Spain for the property and compensation for the pain of the expelled Jews. Or demand restitution from Italy for the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. Excessive force against a peaceful and productive people should be condemned. (Not to be confused with self defense against a blood thirsty gang of Jew murderers.)...Bernard J. Shapiro

Haaretz April 25, 2001


Israel is facing the possibility of punitive measures from the European Union because of hardening and widening opposition to its policies towards the Palestinians, diplomats said on Monday night.

EU member states are now actively debating a change in their approach to Israel, the British daily The Guardian reported yesterday, with decisions expected at two key foreign ministers' meetings next month.

France is leading a campaign to suspend the prized association agreement with the EU, which gives Israel preferential trade terms worth millions of dollars.

A more likely result will be a crackdown on illegal duty-free access to the EU for Israeli goods produced in the territories.

The EU is also likely to cold-shoulder Israeli attempts to secure enhanced cooperation in science and technology.

In the latest in a series of signals that the EU will not conduct business as usual with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Brussels last week issued an angry condemnation of Israeli attacks on both Syria and Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel has insisted that the statement was one-sided, and warned that the EU is in danger of losing what little influence it has with Israel.

Romano Prodi, the president of the European Commission, and Chris Patten, the external relations commissioner, are being targeted by Israel to persuade them to adopt a softer line.

In the past, Israel has been defended in the EU by traditional friends such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Britain, but it now has few defenders left, even in Germany, where public opinion wants to see action.

The Belgian foreign minister, Louis Michel, yesterday met the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, in Ramallah. Mr. Michel, whose government is next in line for the European presidency, angered the Israeli government two months ago by threatening EU sanctions.

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