By Emanuel A Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Rats dig dark tunnels which undermine structures. Similarly, the Rat-Pack of Oslo dug in the dark where the sunlight of truth could not reach their secret agreements.

When Ariel (Arik) Sharon was elected Prime Minister of Israel February 8, 2001, it was primarily because the people recognized the failure of the delusional pact made with the king of all rats: Yassir Arafat. The Oslo Accords, spawned in the dark tunnels, undermine the security of Israel. Therefore, the Oslo Accords of 1993 led to the Oslo war - which the Palestinians began Rosh Hashanah 2000.

Shimon Peres and other members of the Pack were kicked out of the government after accomplishing a record death count of more than 600 dead Jews, with thousands wounded - some maimed for life.

Arik Sharon knew that, in the short term , he needed the abortive thing called ‘Unity Government'. So, he invited back those of the Oslo Rat-Pack who the people had wisely resoundingly defeated. He thought that he could control Shimon Peres, although he was repeatedly warned he could not. Peres was deeply experienced at undercutting governments and Prime Minister.

Sharon, although clever, was still an honest surface warrior where he met his opponents on the fields of battle. Peres, however, knew how to bore tunnels and conspire with others like himself.

So, the Olso Rat-Pack is back in full force as Peres gathers around himself all those who were ready to betray Israel at Taba and Camp David 2. Those unholy creatures never lost touch with each other even as the word "Oslo" became synonymous with death talk.

Now, they are back in linkage with James Baker's Jewish Arabists and Arafat's diplomatic terrorists. They are chewing away at Sharon's ankles as they chewed at Prime Ministers Binyamin Netanyahu and Menachem Begin, z'l. Professor Louis Rene Beres has often made the analogy with Franz Kafka's story of the Vulture and the Liberal.

These radical Left Liberals, Peres, Beilin, Sarid, in collaboration with Washington's Arabists et al will allow Sharon to engage in some remedial battle activities against Arafat's canon fodder. Even today (although he has absolutely no standing, or legal right, Yossi Beilin (called the former Israeli Justice Minister) met with "Chairman" Yassir Arafat, and (on Israel Radio) (1) and calls himself the representative of the "Peace Camp" as opposed to the right wing which never believed that we could make peace in this part of the world, implying they are irrational. He claims the Palestinians are ready to resume ‘Peace Talks' toward an interim agreement and on to a permanent agreement - despite the ongoing firing by Palestinians of mortar bombs at Israeli civilians. Beilin dismissed Israel's complaints about the Palestinian 70 mortar attacks as "bickering". "Nobody can assure whether extremists will shoot."...according to Beilin. Alan Ben Ami asks: "How does he explain the increasing, not decreasing mortar attacks?" Beilin doesn't answer but merely blah-blahs about the Peace Camp and how Chairman Arafat is willing to return to peace talks.

As a personal aside, I taped Yossi Beilin at an International Conference I sponsored for the Winston Institute for the Study of Prejudice at a premier Israeli University. He was invited as a keynote speaker against my strenuous objections. However, what he said so openly was worth gold. When asked why didn't he tell the Knesset and the Israeli people about the fact and the terms of the secret Oslo negotiations, he admitted quite frankly, even with pride that: "If we had told the Israeli people that we were negotiating with Yassir Arafat, they would have stopped us." The will of the people and their Parliament meant absolutely nothing to this devious little pipsqueak and even less to the leader of the Oslo Rat-Pack.

Then, at their right time, they will demand that the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) mount a concerted political attack against Israel's Prime Minister Sharon. They will have to come up with a new slogan since "Peace Now" and "Land for Peace" now carries the smell of a cesspool.

We will see those special Institutes go into action - such as the James Baker Institute at Rice University and the Peres ‘Peace' Institute. Suddenly Arabist demands will start to flood into world bodies, demanding that Israel give up more of her land to buy the good will of the Arabs. They will again demand the stationing of U.N. troops and attempt to force Israel to accept re-partitioned borders.

It will all sound very diplomatic and negotiable - except, as in Oslo, it will be designed to truncate Israel to the point where she will have no critical mass left to defend.

At the moment, Sharon is being allowed to play warrior and silence the Israeli complaints of vulnerability. That could continue for a month or two. Then, there will be an arranged slowdown in conflict and Egypt will host a ‘Peace driven' get together. All the Europeans, as well as the Bush-Baker Arabists who will emerge from their closet, will cheer the new peace attempts.

Arik will be invited down, as Yitzhak Shamir was invited to Madrid. (Isn't this were the well-known saying is injected: "Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.")

Of course, Arik will go because he thinks he can control things and he will have been massaged for months prior with promises - especially by the Bush government in American which is loaded with personnel from his father's administration.

That snow job was applied judiciously to Yitzhak Rabin, who was a much duller mind. But, Rabin was promised by the Americans that Israel would be allowed a place at the round table with the Big Nations, if only he would give a little - and a little more for peace.

Arik will, of course, be seduced and suckered with promises of new weapons, new technology, access to U.S. satellite security information and all of the trinkets used to assiduously seduce military men. He will not be able to believe that a decision was made long ago at the U.S. State Department that Israel was and is an impediment to their plans and must go.

The oil maggots so deeply entrenched at State and the Arab oil nations had long ago held their ‘Waunsee' Conference on the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem - deciding the fate of the Jewish State.

But, Jews are generally not educable when it comes to their ultimate survival. That goes double for the Jewish political leaders of Israel (and the self-appointed Jewish leaders of the Diaspora, especially America).

Of course, there is always the Oslo Rat-Pack working diligently within the current (and past) governments for the demise of the Jewish State. Their thoughts are that, if Israel is successfully de-Judaized by her radical Liberal Left, the Arabs and the anti-Jewish Europeans would shed their centuries of well-taught and nurtured hatred. Then they would accept a neutered Jewish State.

P.T. Barnum, the great circus impresario and observer of humankind, dryly commented that "There is a sucker born every minute." I wonder what he would have said about Israel?

I have the utmost respect for Prime Minister General Ariel Sharon and have known him personally since we met at the Suez Canal during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. But, now he is on a different battlefield and needs all the ‘etzis' and help he can get.

In the end, Israel will probably give up more of her land (including the Golan Heights and Jordan Valley, despite Arik's explicit denials today), most of her water and many of her most precious Holy Sites. Once reduced to absolutely nothing, even America will abandon her because she will no longer be a valued asset for defense of the Middle East but a liability. She will be left alone to fend for herself. Having armed the Arab nations and the Palestinian Authority with high tech weapons in quantity, the West will have assured Israel's demise and then they think they will have a level playing field.

Be assured that the Oslo Pack-Rats will be first to leave the sinking ship, if any nation will even allow them entry. It is doubtful Arik will see this or that he will listen but, send him it to him anyway.

1. Yossi Beilin interviewed in English by Alan Ben Ami on Israel Radio April 11, 2001 10 PM

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