By Emanuel A. Winston

For reasons that baffle, the Arab culture is only at peace when it fears. The fear may come from one of their own cruel dictators or when existing under the firm rule of another culture.

Arabs were never more peaceful than when the Turks ruled over them for 400 years. However, the moment a dictator is overthrown or displaced by a benevolent rule, they erupt into violence.

While their murderous riots are usually given a noble covering title, their apologists always have twisty words to explain their killing nature. The people at large seem to simply enjoy the thrill of pouring into the streets to burn and kill. They shoot into the air at any excuse in an expression of joy mixed with rage. When their leaders are cruel and oppressive, there is peace through respect. In other parts of the world, such as Europe, America, Japan the culture of self-imposed law generally keeps the peace but, not among radical Arab Islamists.

Perhaps it is only the Islamic injunction to maintain the wars of conquest for Islam. This is called the world of peace: "Dar Islam" which mandates that the whole world must be brought under the Islamic mantle - preferably with force. Those parts of the world not under Islam are considered "Dar al Harb" or the world of War - "Jihad" - which means Holy War. Confusing? If you are not with me (Islam), then you are against me (Islam) and, therefore, at war. I, as an observant Muslim, must conquer you in war and bring you peace. The Palestinians chant: "In Blood I will redeem you, O Jerusalem!" They really mean the ‘blood' part.

So, why is it that uprising and war is most likely to happen among the Arab/Muslim cultures? If one describes the Muslim cultures around the world, they seem to always be either in conflict with other religions (even factions within Islam) or preparing for that conflict- all according to Mohammed's Koran.

In the Middle East the Arab nations have set their sights first, on the elimination of Israel. Should Israel not be present, there is little doubt they would be at each other's throats. When the Israelis defeated Arab armies in six wars, there was always a brief moment of peace. Where Israeli troops patrolled, there was a quiet or what passed for peace. Israel and the Jews may be first on the Arab list but, the Christian nations (Europe and America) are next.

Winston Churchill once dryly made a comment about the tendency of the Germans to rise up every so often and ravage its surrounding nations. He said: "The Hun is either at your feet or at your throat." It is not a great deal different for the Arab tribes - now nations. Yes, they are still desert tribes raiding, raping and stealing.

Yes, they do it now in the name of Allah and their clerics deliberately misuse and misinterpret the ‘Suras' of the Koran. They relieve the tedium of their miserable lives by finding cause to explode in rage. They lead these miserable lives because their leaders keep them in poverty and festering misery. Just as Yassir Arafat conspired with all the dictators of the world to keep the mixture of Arabs ‘falsely' named Palestinians in refugee camps. When their misery properly ripened into rage, Arafat pointed them toward the Jews to vent their anger.

They were easily manipulated to attack Jews instead of overthrowing their false leaders. Arafat and his lieutenants have confiscated all the monies coming into the ‘new' Palestinian Authority's coffers, never allowing it to reach the street people. The poor Palestinians were always showcased as being the hostages of the Jews and not of their true jailers.

Between the need to demonstrate their macho feelings of superiority over the hated infidel (which, of course, includes both Jews and Christians) and their goals of world domination through Islam, there will be no peace.

Israel has the choice of becoming their victim which will please the nations of Europe who enthusiastically assisted Hitler in his "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem". Israel can listen to the Arabists in Washington, including especially the U.S. State Department who never wanted the Jewish State to be born.

One of the Jews' major problems is that they are not comfortable as winners (or conquerors) - even when the land has been given to them by G-d. They quaver before world opinion which does not wish them well.

Israel has one choice. She must show her deterrent capability, circle the wagons and hunker down, awaiting the inevitable attacks. It cannot placate, appease or pacify an enemy who enjoys being the enemy.

The Arabs who fear Israel will remain peaceful. The Israeli Arabs will go about their business in some semblance of peace as long as they fear Israel ‘s reprisals, should they continue to act as a fifth column. They have shown themselves to be the untrustworthy Arabs as they always have been and will remain so.

Israel will have to defy her friends bad advise and her enemies evil intentions. If Israel does not put down Arafat's ‘Intifada' (War) in quick consistent manner, her friends and enemies will join the Arabs against Israel. Further, like bacteria-treated inadequate with antibiotics, they will grow resistant and stronger. Similarly, when Israel hits the mortar shooters and the snipers, rocket launchers and bomb throwers with short assault that is incomplete, i.e., they don't fight to win, then the enemy feels stronger. Then, they confidently attack again and again.

Fear and Respect combine into one word in the Arab part of the Middle East. Granted the Leftists will whine, wring their hands and howl but, the nation of Israel has been left with a choice: Live or Die!

The Jews have always wanted to live in Peace but the world would not allow that. The World has not evolved sufficiently for the privilege of Peace so it must continue to suffer the ravages of war. The Arabs are a primitive culture that remains locked in the 7th century. The Europeans have similarly remained a low and hateful people despite their superficial veneer of culture. Each paraded their conquests, demanding G-d's recognition.

Well, they have finally caught His Attention "And for the shedding of Jewish blood, I will not forgive the Nations."


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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