By Richard H. Shulman


The Arab-Israel conflict plays out as a whirlpool of selfish and ignorant people acting hypocritically and betraying others. Feigning objectivity, most of the media welcomes only a pro-Arab view. People being people, the smaller circulation pro-Israeli media does not welcome dissent, either. It hews to its ideological line. Its line is to hail Pres. Bush as a defender of Israel, and because he isn't, to urge him to stop supporting PLO statehood. It asserts that he is not always in tune with Israel, because he is promoting American national interests. Try get into the pro-Israel media the suggestion that he is not a defender of Israel. Try to suggest that he follows the State Dept. line, which is a subtle one of preparing Israel for the sacrifice but letting the Arabs strike the blow. Try to maintain that the goal of a PLO state would be bad both for Israel and for the US, for he acts contrary to the American national interest. You wouldn't get very far.

Few understand how power works. When workers were over-exploited, unions were the answer. When tenants were oppressed, rent regulation was sought. Then unions and rent controls attained peak power. The unions exploited the employers and the tenants exploited the landlords. Give the underdog power, and he abuses it. So it is in the world of ideas.


However bigoted and vicious the Arabs and the human rights groups are, they don't advance their agenda as a bigoted and vicious one. They pose as champions of decency and justice. Thus they claim that they are exercised against Israel because, they falsely allege, Israel is violating the Geneva Convention. Their accusations usually are vague, fail to exhibit an understanding of the background to the Convention, and decline to answer the opposing side's rebuttal. How sincere are their claims? Judge by their failure to hold the Arabs to the Geneva Convention. Iraq and the P.A. constantly commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. About those violations, the human rights groups are silent. They are hypocrites. Worse, they demean the standards of human rights, by acting perversely in their name.

Before Gulf War I, human rights groups and other opponents of the war predicted that the US would act brutally. Although the US has acted otherwise, its accusers don't relent. They do not accuse the Iraqis of brutality, although the Iraqis do act brutally. The human rights groups have not the moral courage and decency to admit that they were wrong about the US and are pleased with the extraordinary US effort to minimize civilian casualties.

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