By Bernard J. Shapiro

We are now witness to the second greatest hoax perpetuated on the Israeli people in the last 11 years. The first, of course, was the great Oslo peace hoax of Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin and Yossi Beilin in 1993. Israelis should have learned from that bitter and bloody experience. While some had the foresight to recognize the fatal flaws in the Oslo process, others were quite blind. The blind were not necessarily evil, but craved "peace" so much that they were willing to take dangerous gambles with the lives of their neighbors. Unfortunately, leading the blind were truly evil men who cared not about Eretz Yisrael and the Almighty's promise to Abraham.

As the Oslo process fell apart, the stack of Jewish dead and maimed bodies began to grow at an alarming rate. Diplomats with little understanding of the dynamics of the Middle East, began to come up with plans to "save" Oslo. Their names - Mitchell, Tenet, Wye, Camp David, Taba, The Roadmap - have sunk into the dustbin of history. All of them failed because they never properly analyzed the true situation in the Middle East. They never understood the simple fact that NO plan could ever work. They didn't fully grasp and internalize the fact that the Arab goal of destroying Israel and the Israeli goal to live and not be destroyed were unreconcilable.

There is a certain psychopathology in Middle East diplomacy. I see a sort of obsessive/compulsive behavior on the part of all the so-called peacemakers. They keep banging their heads against the hard rock of reality and get a headache. And then they do it again, thinking they will get a different result. This ailment which use to be predominant only in Israeli leftist circles has now afflicted Israeli PM Ariel Sharon. Despite his vast service to the Israeli nation, he too has become subject to this psychiatric disorder.

Sharon believes that his retreat from Gaza will somehow change the harsh realities he has faced all his life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sharon went to Washington to seek approval from US President George Bush for his plan to retreat from Gaza and surrender to terrorism. His motivation, of course, was to enhance his chances of winning the Likud referendum on the plan to be held on May 2nd.


Bush: I welcome your disengagement (retreat) plan. I hope it will lead to two states living sided by side in peace and security.

Sharon: Thank you for your support.

Shapiro: There is no evidence of an Arab desire to live in peace with Israel. Your vision, Mr. President, is not based on the harsh realities of the Middle East.

Bush: The right to self defense and need to fight terrorism are equally matters of international agreement. The two-state vision and the roadmap are designed to implement it and command nearly universal support.

Sharon: Thank you for your vision of peace.

Shapiro: Mr. President, you have said nothing that will be of benefit to Israel in its fight against terrorism. While you acknowledge the right of self defense, every organ of the international community denies it to Israel. Even Your State Department has never accepted Israel's right to defend itself, other than empty phrases short on specifics and long on restrictions. There is no roadmap to peace, since their can be NO peace between the victim and his murderer.

Bush: There will be no security for Israelis or Palestinians until they and all states in the region and beyond join together to fight terrorism and dismantle terrorist organizations. I want to reiterate the US commitment to Israel's security within secure defensible borders. We will aid the PA security forces (terrorists) to enable them to fight terrorism and dismantle terrorists organizations (themselves).

Sharon: Thanks you Mr. President. Without your agreement I believe Israel would have no right of self defense and certainly no right to fight terrorism.

Shapiro: Mr. President, thanks for nothing. Israel's right to self defense is inherent in all sovereign states and it will continue to fight terrorism, with or without your permission. May I remind you that it is the Arabs, including the PA, that are responsible for terrorism in this region. To continue the failed path of many before you and expect them to fight terrorism is foolish and dangerous. Would you ask the fox to guard the hen house or the wolf to shepherd the lambs?

Bush: We will ask Egypt to help with security in Gaza after Israel withdraws.

Sharon: Thank you Mr. President.

Shapiro: Mr. President, Egypt has done nothing to further peace in the region and has facilitated the building of tunnels from the Sinai into Gaza to smuggle weapons to the terrorists. How are we to believe that will help with security?

Bush: The Arab refugees will be permitted to settle in the Palestinian state and should not be settled in Israel.

Sharon: Thank you Mr. President. If it weren't for your strong stand on this issue we would be forced to accept millions of refugees (most of them fake) into Israel, which would cease to be a Jewish State. You have really saved us.

Shapiro: Thanks a lot Mr. President, for nothing. Israel never planned to allow millions of hostile Arabs to enter its borders. So what have you done for us? Anyway, by my calculation, there are NO Arab refugees. It is not a status you can inherit for generations. Look up in your Webster's dictionary and you will find that the definition of a refugee is someone who has been displaced due to war or other catastrophe. Very few of the so-called Arab refugees fit that category, and they are equal (though less in number) to the Jews displaced from Arab countries.

Bush: Israel will not have to return to the 1949 Armistice lines.

Sharon: Thanks Mr. President.

Shapiro: Those lines were never borders due to Arab insistence, thinking they would be able to destroy Israel in the future. They didn't. They kept losing. There are now no official borders and while there is some territory disputed, it is Israel's right to annex, settle or retreat from it. Sorry Arabs, you should not really have a say in this decision.

Bush: The Palestinians must fight terror and dismantle terrorist organizations.

Sharon: Of course, that is what I have been saying.

Shapiro: By my calculation this is the 122nd time the PA has been asked to or promised to fight terrorism. Will anyone ever "get it.' The Arabs ARE the terrorists. Asking them to fight terrorism is like asking them to stop being Arabs. It won't happen. Forget this losing proposition. Continuing is that psychopathology of obsessive/compulsive disorder I spoke about earlier.

So in reality, Sharon got nothing substantive from Bush during his trip to Washington. The media spin and the Arab protest are all apart of the delusion Sharon wishes to perpetuate on Likud voters. JUST SAY NO!



Israel will NOT be destroyed by the acts of deception, delusion, and ignorance demonstrated at the White House today. There is a Higher Authority than either Sharon or Bush. His promise to Abraham WILL NOT be broken. The pagans of Arabia will NOT be victorious. But each and everyone of us must actively fight for Eretz Yisrael. Those members of the Likud must vote against retreat and defeat. Those abroad, with relatives in Israel, must let them know that Israel was promised in perpetuity to the Jewish People, including those abroad, and CAN NOT be divested by any temporal government. Those that seek to abandon Israel must not succeed. Our efforts must be tireless and our faith mighty if we are to win this battle.

Bernard J. Shapiro is the Executive Director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies <> and the editor its monthly Internet magazine, The Maccabean Online and its daily email broadcast, Freemanlist.