By Murray Kahl

Today's headlines are that the PNC changed their covenant as promised; unfortunately, both Arafat and Peres are receiving undeserved, political rewards from the entire world for a non-event. The facts are simple: All that occurred is that the judiciary council is authorized to change the covenant in six months. The transcript was released in Al Quds this morning and I await a full translation. Reports are that no changes were made as the PLO was obligated to do and no specific language has been adopted or recommended for the change.

We know that fifteen of thirty three articles specifically call for the destruction of Israel and yet the news' releases only refer to the change of five articles. Yet, based on this possible event, Arafat expects to have Hebron delivered to him prior to some future time that may see him adhering to an obligation.

This type of deceptive language is representative of so many of the releases coming out of Israel and makes it impossible to separate truth from fiction. What is the truth? That is easily determined by using a catch phrase of the Israeli government that says Arafat must be measured by what he does as opposed to what he says-- a convenient way to avoid holding Arafat responsible for his devastating comments in Johannesburg and Stockholm where he made his plans known for the destruction of Israel.

Recently, I saw video tapes smuggled out of Gaza by the Middle East Television News Archive. The tapes demonstrate the day to day hatred of Israel propaganda to which the PA subjects the Palestinians. Hate is everywhere and bodes nothing well for Israel as it is a given that if peace were the future plans of the Palestinians, this is not the way to that path. Violence, hatred of Jews is part of the air breathed by Palestinians and air poisoned by the PA. Their future plans are known to all Palestinians as a clever, hi-tech subliminal approach photographs of Arafat's face covering all of the area wishfully known as Filastin are repeatedly shown on TV along with so many promises predicting Israel's destruction. Arafat must take great pleasure in knowing he is a nephew of the Grand Mufti responsible for so many Jewish deaths. He continues on the same path.

These video tapes are frightening as mass hysteria is clearly indicated as they laud their dead hero, Ayeesh, the Engineer with hundreds of thousands screaming his praise and threats of vengeance along with their leader Arafat condemning Israel. Why all these conflicting signals and outrageous lies that are either supported by the government of Israel or simply ignored. The answer is simple: PM Peres knows that in an honest campaign he cannot win and so subterfuge and deceit are the order of the day. The effects of this are shown daily as Peres struts in his flight jacket "saving" the lives and future of Israelis living in the North.

What has he accomplished? HizbALLAH is stronger than ever and receiving the attention due a sovereign state as releases out of the United States ask, "what are their terms for a cease fire"? President Assad now has the chutzpah to deny US Secretary Warren Christopher a meeting and gives him an "audience" the next day. The world condemns Israel for its military adventure that accomplished next to nothing except to kill and displace a number of civilians.

The result can easily be predicted based on Peres' predilection to surrender at every given opportunity. There will be a surrender of the Golan to Syria; Lebanon will remain a client state of Syria, Syria's name will be taken off the US State Department's list of "Nations Sponsoring Terrorism" while some empty promises will be made to present a facade of compromise. Yet, any realist can easily predict that the flow of drugs, for instance will continue from Syrian controlled Bekaa valley in Lebanon. This is little more than a prescription for disaster as Israel weakens and attempts to coexist with a strengthened, implacable Arab enemy.

Has Hamas vanished? of course not as Arafat does not have the power nor the will to destroy his partner as they ply his course to the phased destruction of Israel. This was substantiated this past Sunday morning by none other Than Karmi Gilon, the Laborite and past chief of Israel's secret service the GSS (Shabak). He voiced his opinion on public radio that Arafat is not adhering to the terms of Oslo and is also responsible for the transformation of areas turned over to the PA into havens of terrorism. He went further and said that these events are demoralizing the Israel defense forces, which is tragic.

What to do? Israel voters have no choice but to support Netanyahu for Prime minister and to vote for groups such as Moledit in order to provide an appropriate diversity within the Likud.

There is no alternative if Israel wishes to survive

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