Likud Attacks Agreement of Understanding

The Likud severely attacked this morning in election advertisements the agreement of understanding reached as a result of the "Grapes of Wrath" operation.

Under the headline "Peres failed also in Lebanon" the ad continues:

"After two weeks of war, 700 katyushas and the silencing of the North, nothing has changed: Peres again relies on Assad to restrain the terror, the Northern settlements are again hostages of the Hizbulla. And the hands of the IDF are again tied by 'understandings'. As if 66 IDF soldiers weren't killed since the 'understandings' of Operation Accountability! Peres leaves on a campaign trip to Washington, but we all know: No security, no peace, no reason to vote Peres."

According to a press release by the Likud Response Team: "the government of Israel officially gave responsibility for the security of the Galilee to the Syrians and Hizbulla. This is the practical significance of the cease fire arrangements which Mr. Peres signed. Only three weeks after he explicitly committed that the understandings of the past would be improved, agreements which led to the last war, Mr. Peres now says to the residents of the Galilee that from now on they will be subject to the cold-blooded Hizbulla maniacs. Again it is proved that the Government of Israel lacks credibility, has no backbone or leadership ability.

"The timing of the end of the campaign is coordinated with the scheduled visit of Peres to the US so that the Prime Minister will manage to be photographed with Clinton still this week, since starting next week Knesset candidates cannot be shown in the media."

Likud Chairman Netanyahu said that he was disappointed by the agreement, and that despite his hopes the goals of the operation were not realized. "Despite the unswerving support of the opposition in the actions of the government and the support of the brave residents of the North, who were prepared to sit in the shelters as long as necessary so that the Hizbulla could be hit, this government failed to finish the job../...Peres should have insisted that there would be no possibility of hurting IDF soldiers in the security area, and instead of this he surrendered to the demands of Assad and so gave a license to the Hizbulla to attack IDF soldiers. The IDF will have to respond to attacks. The Hizbulla will consider this a violation of the agreement and again the Northern settlements will be attacked, exactly as happened after the understandings of 'Operation Accountability' in 1993. The agreement which has been reached is nothing more than the agreements of 1993." ("Haaretz" 28 April, 1996) Dr. Aaron Lerner, Associate IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)

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