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April 27, 1996../.. 9 Iyar 5756../..Volume II, Number 104

../.. Operation Grapes of Wrath - 16 Days
../.. The IDF Artillery Corps fired 20,000 shells.
../.. The IDF Air Force carried out 1600 sorties and bombed 410 targets.
../.. The Air Force and Navy hit 50 vehicles, bridges and over 30 intersections.
../.. Five SLA soldiers were killed and 20 were injured.
../.. Three IDF soldiers were lightly injured.
../.. 170 to 200 Lebanese civilians were killed, 110 in the village of Cana.
../.. Over 50 terrorists were killed and tens were injured.
../.. One Syrian army officer was killed and six were injured.
../.. Approximately 10 United Nations troops were injured.
../.. Over 700 Katusha rockets landed in the Western Galil (Galilee) and Galil Panhandle.
../.. Eighty four Katusha rockets hit Kiryat Shmona.
../.. Twenty-six Israeli civilians sustained physical injuries. Thirty-seven suffered psychological trauma. Twenty-four civilians sustained light physical injuries, one critical and one moderate.
../.. 1,550 homes, factories, and public buildings were damaged.
../.. The price tag, NIS 400 million (approximately $ 125 million). Of the total amount, NIS 125 million are damages from Katusha attacks.

(Ma'ariv Newspaper../..4/28)

Operation Grapes of Wrath - The End

A case-fire has been agreed upon and Operation Grapes of Wrath has come to an end. The following information was publicized at a Saturday evening press conference by IDF Chief of Staff, Lt.-Gen. Amnon Lipkin Shachak, OC Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Amiram Levine, and OC IDF Intelligence Corps, Maj.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon.

Israel has agreed to a cease-fire and has officially declared the operation ended.

It was stressed several times that no formal document has been signed with Syria or Hizbullah.

The agreement is very narrow in its range. It does not disarm Hizbullah or call for any Syrian guarantees.

The cease-fire agreement stipulates that Hizbullah will not continue any attacks against Israel's Northern border communities.

Hizbullah has the right to continue operating against the IDF in the Security Zone of Southern Lebanon.

It was detailed at the conference that this included the use of anti aircraft weapons, car bombs, suicide terrorists, Sager missiles and other weapons.

The IDF made it extremely clear that it would retaliate for any and all violations of the cease-fire. This included going into civilian towns in Lebanon to track down Hizbullah terrorists.

Israel has agreed to stop all attacks against civilian targets or electric power stations in Lebanon.

The United States will form a group, including of France, Russia, the European Union and other parties to assist in the reconstruction effort in Lebanon.

-- IDF reconnaissance planes checked the area prior to the Cana bombing. No signs were apparent that indicated the refugees' presence.
-- The United Nations reported to Israel several days before Cana that 5,000-6,000 refugees were being put up in UN installations. They refused to provide the IDF with more specific reports when asked. The UN stated its policy was to just let Israel know and could not provide additional details.
--Northern Area residents are called upon to return to their homes.

(Galei Tzahal/Army Radio../..4/27 ../..8:00pm, Israel Line, Israel Consulate-NY../..4/26).

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