Capable American Diplomat?

By David Basch

If anything proves how Israel's diplomatic status has deteriorated it was Dennis Ross's clear assertion that the so-called the "peace process" between the Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs was one in which both sides are considered equals. That is, the Arab entity, never before a sovereign nation, is equal to the sovereign nation of Israel. Israel's current situation can now be compared to that of a matronly wife perched on the knee of her husband while a pouting young, French maid occupies the other knee, as the imperious husband insists that they are both to end the bickering. Such a debased condition of the legitimate wife cannot be good for Israel. Yet, this is what the Rabin/Peres government has managed to craft and commit Israel to in the pursuit of its impossible dream of Arab amity with an Israel capable of surviving.

As Ross implied like an imperious husband in violation of the rights of the wife in deference to the Arab French maid, Israel must refrain from "unilateral actions" that displease its partner, like building at the Har Homa site in Jerusalem, an act that is not forbidden by Oslo and within the prerogatives of Israel.

This negotiation process cannot bring peace because the Arab partner construes its immediate purpose in negotiation is to separate Israel from strategic lands that could not be gained through Arab wars and

bring about her weakening. This in turn will eventually facilitate ultimate Arab victory when the Arabs inevitably resume a war option, tempted by a radically improved strategic situation. Since it is asserted that the Arabs have an equal voice in Oslo, a veto power, in determining the outcome of the Oslo agreements, the process can only bring about deadlock or further Israeli concessions.

Israel has unwisely put herself in a bind at the mercy of the Arab enemy, a condition that Israeli governments of both parties have regularly managed to accomplish in their quest for the holy grail of changing the nature of the Arab jackal. It is in attempting the futile objective of making water run uphill -- changing the lustful nature of the savage jackal, making the Arabs renounce their fervent devotion to Islam and its Jihad -- that Israel delivers herself into enemy Arab hands. Failing to create conditions to withstand real threats, in the end, it will be the Jewish people who will take the ultimate hit of vanishing into the dustbin of history.

How Dennis Ross can keep a straight face when making his declaration about the flawed negotiation process is an amazement and shows his skills as a diplomat -- a true and devoted exponent of his nation's

foreign policy, irrespective of its morality and wisdom and even if he makes absolutely no points with the people of his origin. The egregious PLO violations of the Oslo accords it signed, a typical outcome of Israel's treaties with the Arabs, tell without question that the Arabs do not regard any obligation to renounce war and violence in settling their disputes with Israel. And while occasional statements by Arab leaders speak of making a true peace, Arab conduct belies that intention. Yet, such clear revelations of dark Arab intentions are being glossed over by U.S. diplomacy.

Israel would have done herself well not to have granted to the Arab negotiating partner a fictitious parity that allows an Arab veto on the vital arrangements that Israel needs for her security and national survival, particularly since this is the issue that is ultimately in question.

By establishing a pseudo-peace process that drugs both the government of Israel and the Israeli people, the Jewish nation is left open to the massive campaign of propaganda directed at the weak link of the Jewish nation, the propensity of a substantial group to be obsessed with a utopian universalism that drugs critical faculties and enables them to accept at face value the pretty speeches and statements on peace by selected Arab spokesmen. This results in brainwashing Israel's people toward dangerous concessions and in finding value in impractical programs, all the while rationalizing the ongoing, inexcusable Arab war against the Jewish State. I listen to some of this propaganda at this very moment from Faisal Hasten on ISRAELITE, courtesy of the Israeli universalist, leftist media that does little to correct his distortion of fact and more to enable him to further soften Israeli critical faculties.

The faulty negotiation process is calculated to prevent Israel from creating the conditions it must to safeguard the future of her people. In fact, it was the effective program of the Shamir government under Yitzchak Shamir that stimulated the Arabs to attempt the Oslo process, which has become, thus far, the most successful of the Arab campaigns to beat back the Jewish state. The Arabs rightly recognized the mental illness that afflicted the Israeli left which imagines that it dwells in a utopia of human amity while living in a smoking cauldron of Arab hate. While rational calculation and past performance foretold what to expect from an Arab world committed to Islam and its Jihad, Jewish leaders allowed themselves to live with the mythology that the Arabs were capable of creating through negotiation a condition under which Israel would not be forced to trust her future to the mercy of the Arabs.

It should now be very obvious to clear minded observers -- but not to those obsessively committed to the negotiation process -- that negotiations are not leading to Israeli security and peace. The Arab side has gained enormously both in legitimacy and in military resources in its unrelenting struggle to ultimately displace the Jewish State.

Meanwhile, the propaganda campaign goes on, promoted by the Arabs and by big power appeasers of the Arabs, designed to prejudice Israel's just rights and concerns and to win Israel's compliance with the objectives of the sponsors to leave Israel further exposed, weakened, and unable to protect herself without great cost, if at all. This propaganda campaign has been successful beyond the wildest dreams of its sponsors since it targets the propensity of many Israelis to accept political formulas that appeal to the deep seated universalist cravings that are one part idealism and nine parts pathological obsession. This obsession makes Jews regularly succumb to such appeals, like the woman who would not call her investment counselor son before giving her life savings to a confidence man because she was afraid her son would tell her not to do it.

Even when this pathological weakness is exposed, so entrenched are the mental habits that have led armies of Jews over millennia to identify with utopian schemes that are alike in that they depend on mankind or the natural processes of the world being other than they are. If Israel listens to the siren voice of Dennis Ross and others like him and to the army of clandestine CIA agents infesting the media, led by The NY (Pravda) Times, academia, and pressure groups like Pieces Now. And if Israel listens to the merchants of utopia committed to things other than the safety and security of Israel.

And if Israel fails to recognize that she is locked into a process cunningly designed to continually weaken her as she fails to undertake the measures possible to strengthen herself, the Jewish future will be dark indeed.


David Basch ia an architect and city planner in New York as well as the Freeman Center's political philosopher. Basch is also an expert on Shakespeare and the author of the book, THE HIDDEN SHAKESPEARE.

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