A Necessity For Israel's Supporters

By Bernard J. Shapiro

Israel is being defeated linguistically every day in the pages of newspapers, in the news broadcasts, even in the speeches of political leaders and State Department officials. Even many Jews fall into the trap of using the accepted anti-Israel language. We must start using the correct language to describe events in Israel. That goes for the Israeli government spokesman as well as private pro-Israel groups like ours.



Israeli kills two Arabs in West Bank.

Militant Jewish settler kills to Arabs in West Bank

Linguistically Accurate Headline:

Terrorists attack Jewish civilian and are killed in firefight .

Innocent Jew attacked by Arab mob. Jew is survives due to courageous action.


2. CNN etc:

Israelis cause terrorist bombing by grabbing Arab East Jerusalem

Israelis provoke violence by building on Arab land in Arab East Jerusalem

Should Be:

Arab terrorist murderers were sent by Arafat to kill Jews & bombed a Tel Aviv cafe.


3. CNN etc:

Arafat says Bibi at fault for breaking down of peace talks.

Should Be:

Arafat, a documented liar and terrorist murderer, tried to blame Israel for the breakdown in peace talks.


We need to be linguistically aggressive and accurate all the time. Call a spade a spade. No more Mr. Nice Guy to the Arabs who lie and slander us at every opportunity.

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