By Boris Shusteff

Several days ago the Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan announced that he will strongly consider the possibility of calling an emergency session of the General Assembly to discuss Israel's construction on Har Homa. The intention to gather delegates for another round of Israel-bashing is shameful and disgraceful. While every day hundreds of people are killed in different corners of the world, the United Nations and civilized mankind are preoccupied with Israel's housing project.

Nobody cares about daily massacres in Algeria where innocent people are killed in the most brutal ways. Nobody calls for an emergency session to discuss the situation there, and nobody cries out for the Algerian women and children whose throats are slashed, or for those who are decapitated with chain saws.

But this should not be a surprise.

Nobody was calling for an emergency session when more than 40,000 civilians where killed by Russian troops in Chechnya.

An emergency session was not called when a million people perished in the atrocities between the Hutu and the Tutsi.

Nobody noticed the killings of tens of thousands in Tajikistan.

Nobody cares about slavery in Sudan.

The world community is deaf and blind.

It is a completely different approach from any associated with Israel. It appears that the main goal for the creation of the United Nations and all its commissions was to establish an international body to be used as a club to constantly hit Israel. It is as if the United Nations says, "I gave you birth and now I have the right to kill you."

When half a year ago Israel opened a second exit from the Hasmonean tunnel in Jerusalem, the UN slapped Israel for insensitivity to Arab feelings. It parroted the Arabs' position that the tunnel was threatening the Al Aksa mosque. Everyone with an IQ higher then 15 could easily understand that this was sheer nonsense because of the simple fact that the tunnel was constructed more than 600 years before the mosque itself was built. Nevertheless the UN issued a declaration blaming Israel.It is just these kinds of resolutions which help the Arab countries to disseminate hatred towards Israel. This helps to promote lies about the Jewish state. It does not matter that the case against Israel is built from mud and dirt. It does not matter that the building of lies won't stand long. When it collapses Israel will be buried in the rubble and covered in mud anyway. The current issue of construction in Jerusalem is absolutely preposterous. Israel, a sovereign country, is not allowed to build in her own capital. The nations of the world that were not even born when King David made Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state do not want to recognize it as Israel's capital.

It does not matter that Jerusalem has, for 3,000 years, remained the eternal capital of the Jews. It does not matter that during the course of their history, the Jewish people have never spent a single day without recalling Jerusalem. Even when the City was levelled to the ground by the Romans no force could destroy it in its people's memory. It lived in memory. It lived in prayers. It lived in dreams. It lived in hopes.

For 3,000 years the Jews have shown devotion to their City. "Next year in Jerusalem" is not only a line from a prayer. It is a promise. It is an oath. This is the reason why the Arabs want to snatch Jerusalem from the Jews. They know very well how sacred it is to the Jewish people. At the dark time of history when Jerusalem was in Arab possession they neglected and ruined the City. Never, while Jerusalem was under Islamic rule, did the Arabs entertain the thought of making it a capital of their mighty empires. Can you imagine Jews exchanging or selling Jerusalem for certain favors? This is exactly what the Moslem rulers of Jerusalem tried to do, offering it several times as a trade for coastal port cities that they wanted to obtain.

I want to remind you of the famous parable about King Solomon and the two women, each one claiming that a child was hers. King Solomon listened to them, asked for a sword and ordered to divide the living child and give half to one woman and half to the other. One of the women said "Let it be neither mine nor hers, but divide it." "No," begged the real mother, "do not divide the child, let her have it, but by no means kill it."

When the Arabs want to divide the City they do exactly what the false mother wanted to do. Israel cannot allow the City to be killed (i.e., divided). Jerusalem will not be divided. It will not be left at the Arabs' mercy either.

[Editor's Note: When the Labor/Meretz/PLO gang want to divide Eretz Yisrael, it same false mother talking. The real children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would never consider sacrificing their inheritance. They would know that it was given to them by G-d to be held in perpetuity for the Jewish people for ALL time. They would never consider it speculative real estate to be used to appease a modern day Hitler.]

It is not enough to preserve the City by not dividing it. It is important to let it grow. The tri- millennial history gives an unequivocal answer to the question of what is best for the City's growth. Only when it was under Jewish control, Jerusalem was prospering and flourishing. The Jews established the City. The Jews started to develop it's environs. The Jews returned it back to life after a thousand years of abandonment under Arab and Islamic rule.

In his speech in India at the meeting of leaders of Nonaligned Movement countries, Yasser Arafat declared: "There will be no peace in the area, until Jerusalem is returned to it's rightful owners-- the Palestinians." This statement needs a correction. Yes, there will not be peace until Jerusalem is returned to it's rightful owners--the Jews! There will not be peace until the world community ceases the campaign of not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

There will not be peace until the government of the U.S. obeys the Jerusalem Embassy Act that on the Nov. 8, 1995 became a law and that states that "it is the policy of the United States that Jerusalem should remain an undivided city... recognized as the capital of the state of Israel." The world community must stop inciting the Arabs. It must stop raising their unsubstantiated hopes. The Arabs must realize that there will not be negotiations about the status of Jerusalem. During its 3,000 year history Jerusalem was never a capital of any other people but the Jews. It is a capital of the Jewish state now. It will remain a Jewish capital forever!

Yes, there are issues pertaining to Jerusalem that can be discussed. For example what to do with the Arabs who do not want to take Israeli citizenship, how much money Arab countries should give to improve housing for these non-citizens, how to guarantee unobstructed Jewish prayers on the Temple Mount, etc.

It must be clear to the Arabs that Jews will live everywhere in Jerusalem and will buy property everywhere in the City. It would not hurt to remind the Arab inhabitants of Jerusalem that, when, in 1920, the Moslem quarter was artificially established by the British, 70% of the residents of the quarter were Jews and that there were 22 synagogues in the main street of this quarter. In order to return the Jerusalem to its rightful owners-- the Jews, there is a long way to go. To achieve this Israel will build in the southeastern as well as in all other parts of the City. Har Homa is a step in right direction. 4/10/97


Boris Shusteff is a Russian immigrant who works as an electrical engineer. We feel honored that he has chosen to be a Freeman Center member.

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