Reprinted from the New York Daily News of April 15, 1998


Blanket of Lies

By Sidney Zion

In an effort to rain on Israel's 50th birthday party, American Arabs and their sycophants have launched a full-scale assault on truth and history that began with the reincarnation of the Deir Yassin massacre hoax and will culminate in a road show called the Quilt Project. This quilt is the handmade embroidery of the Arab-American Institute, and it has a patch for each of the 418 Palestinian villages "destroyed" by Israel since 1948. They're going to run this burlesque around major cities of the United States next month. It is a patch of lies, resting on the Big Lie that the innocent Arabs of Palestine were run out of their country by Jewish terrorists intent on "ethnic cleansing."

All that's left out are the facts -- and none so revealing as who started the wars. The innocent Arab Palestinians began shooting at the Jews of Palestine the minute the United Nations voted for partition of Palestine on Nov. 29, 1947. This partition, accepted by the Jews and rejected by the Arabs, had given the Arabs control of most of western Palestine -- and the Jews a tiny salami state. The Palestinians cannot discuss this -- just as they can't talk about their support for Hitler and the British Empire. The British had controlled Palestine since 1920 under the League of Nations Mandate obligating them to establish a Jewish homeland there. But in 1939, the Brits, at Arab insistence, stopped Jewish immigration into Palestine, locking the Jews of Europe in with the Nazis.

So now we're told that the Palestinian Arabs were innocent victims, they had their land stolen from them by Jewish terrorists. Whose land was it, anyway? It was British colonial land from 1920-1948, just as it had been the Ottoman Empire's land and earlier the Romans'. If living there means you own it, the Jews could make claim on Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal -- practically the world. You don't have a thing, baby, if you don't have sovereignty, meaning if you don't control the government. And the truth is, the Arabs never had sovereignty over Palestine. The place was up for grabs after World War II, and it was the Jews who liberated it from the Brits. The Arabs were backed by the English with arms and diplomacy. They chose to sit back and wait for the Brits to destroy the Jews.

Everywhere in the world it is axiomatic that the people who throw out the colonial power have the right to organize the government. Except in Israel, where we're told, again today, that the Jews robbed the country from the Arabs. Deir Yassin. They come again with the story that Jewish terrorists murdered innocent women and children in Deir Yassin. And America listens. On this very page last week, after I ran half a column exposing the hoax of Deir Yassin, a guy named Daniel McGowan, director of something called Deir Yassin Remembered, wrote a full column calling me and Israel liars. "What is Zion hiding?" he asked. I hide nothing, except I had no room to mention that a leading Palestinian Arab, Hazem Nusseibeh, an editor of the Palestinian Broadcasting Service's Arabic news in 1948, now admits that he was told to fabricate claims of a massacre at Deir Yassin in order to encourage Arab regimes to invade Palestine. Nusseibeh admitted this on BBC radio -- but you wouldn't know it unless you read it here.

But you don't have to believe me. Indeed, you can believe that the Jews massacred 200 Arabs in Deir Yassin. And then ask yourselves this question: After more than 75 years of Arab terrorism against the pre-Jewish state and against Israel, what are we doing talking about Deir Yassin? On its 50th birthday, Israel sits shivah for 20,000-plus Jews killed by Arabs who want only to exterminate their presence in the Holy Land. And they continue, with a leader whose bloody hands register the massacres at the schoolhouse in Maalot, at the Munich Olympics and on and on today. Land for Peace is Land for Terror. We don't have to listen to cries of aggression from this crowd. It's as if Germany decided to make a quilt with patches of Berlin and Frankfurt.

Reprinted from The Middlesex News of April 9, 1998

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