From: [4/28/1999]

David Beden (Bedein), MSW, Media Research Analyst;
Bureau Chief, Israel Resource News

On April 27, 1999, our TV crew covered the Palestinian Legislative Council when it met in special session in Gaza to determine the nature of their independent state that will be established over the next year.

The PLC made a decision: The date of their Palestinian state's formal declaration will probably wait until a Papal visit to the Holy Land at some point during the year 2000, leaving the precise date and venue up for discussion.

However, the PLC also decided to reject the idea of a "west bank-Gaza" state, declaring instead that the future Palestinian state must be inclusive of all the areas promised by the UN resolution #181 in 1947 - which would include Tzfat, Beersheva, Jaffa, Naharia, Ashkelon and two hundred other Israeli municipalites and communal farming villages.

The PLC also legislated that the Palestinian state would also demand the enforcement of UN resolution #194, which demands the repatriation of 3 million Arab refugees to the villages that they left in 1948, where the majority of Israel's population. Indeed, the Palestinian Arab refugees, living in the squalor of UN refugee camps since 1948, have lived with the premise and promise of the "right of return" since 1948, a commitment that has been reaffirmed by the new Palestinian Authority and all member states of the United Nations. The Palestinian Arab refugee camps were therefore not included in the development plans of the Palestinian Authority, because, according to the PA and the UN, they have homes to return to which are temporarily occupied by Jews within Israel proper, in places like North Tel Aviv.

In other words, the PLC, with international support, declared that its purpose remains the dismemberment of the state of Israel. To put it even more clearly, the PLC decisions of April 27, 1999 represent a declaration of continued war against the state and people of Israel.

Most of the media have decided not to report the essence of the PLC decision, preferring instead to focus on the more tangential issue of whether or not the Palestinian state will be established on May 4th or not.

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