By Steven Plaut

The Russian news agency Itar-Tass reports that an unexploded NATO bomb in a Serbian village now sports a graffiti message written by local residents: "Thank you, Mrs. Albright, for the gift sent to us in exchange for our hospitality." The story behind the message is summed up in a 60-year-old photo, published in the Cyprus Mail at the end of last week, showing a little girl hugging a little boy. The boy in the picture, now Mr. Lutko Popich, explained that the girl is now Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State of the United States of America. He told a Cyprus Mail reporter, Louisus Antonio, that in 1939, Madeleine Albright's family escaped from the Nazis in Czechoslovakia and found refuge in his father's home in the Serbian village of Varnatchka Bana. This same village, 60 years later, was bombed last week by NATO forces, led by the United States, and the same villagers who hosted little Madeleine and her family were forced to flee.

Antonio reported that he recently visited various areas in Yugoslavia that were bombed by NATO, together with a group called "Doctors for Peace." He wrote that he found much evidence, including photos, of Ms. Albright's presence in the above-mentioned village of Varnatchka Bana during the specified period. Popich - the "boy" in the picture - said that he wrote a letter to Secretary Albright, asking her to stop the bombing on his birthplace that had served as her refuge. He said that he had not received a response. Varnatchka Bana, famous for its hot springs, is located 80 kilometers from the city of Kraljevo.

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