Reprinted from the New York Daily News of April 13, 1999


By Sidney Zion

This is Holocaust memorial day. Yesterday was the 54th anniversary of the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The calendar delivers its ironies sparsely - but deadlier than NATO delivers bombs over Kosovo.

Today, the Kosovar Muslims compare themselves to the Jews of Europe, while the Serbs call Kosovo their Jerusalem. Bill Clinton feels the pain of the Six Million as he sits under the portrait of FDR - who collaborated in the death of the Jews - while he orders the destruction of the Serbs, whose fathers fought off Hitler and refused to turn over Jews to the Nazi death camps.

Israel delivers great humanitarian aid to the Kosovars, whose Kosovo Liberation Army is financed by Hezbollah, Iran and the drug trade. The Israelis get no credit for this from Clinton, who says nothing about the failure of the Arab world to help the Muslims of Kosovo. Beautiful.

It is right for Israel to help people who are loaded into trains and expelled from their homes. But the calendar delivers lessons to Jews, not just ironies. And the fundamental truth comes from the psalmist: "Place not your faith in princes."

American Jewish leaders placed their faith in FDR, who refused to lift a finger to save their people from Auschwitz. The only thing they delivered was the Jewish vote to Roosevelt. Then, in 1948, the Jews helped elect Harry Truman, who recognized Israel, but immediately embargoed arms to the Jewish State while knowing that the British had fully armed the Arabs.

Not one American rifle was delivered to Israel until after the Six-Day War in 1967. In 1977, when Egypt's Anwar Sadat went to Jerusalem to make peace, Israel's Moshe Dayan ran to D.C. to help deliver the Sinai to the Egyptians. The result was a cold peace, delivered by Jimmy Carter, whose hatred of Israel is now documented in his memoirs.

In 1993, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres came to Clinton with the Oslo Accords in hand. They would turn over the Land of Israel for peace with Yasser Arafat, but only under American auspices. The assumption was that only America could broker the deal. And the underlying belief was that America was Israel's friend.

Why Israel needed a broker to turn over land to its enemy was never explained. But hate the Oslo deal or love it, the one thing history shows is that America is not and has never been in the back pocket of the Jews and Israel. Whether the Arabists in the State Department wear yarmulkes or the Cross, they have one thing in common: they ain't for the Jewish State.

Today, the tilt for the Palestinians would make a rabbit hug a hound. The Clintonites are so intent on establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital that on April 25 there will be a rally for an undivided Jerusalem in Washington, sponsored by Americans for a Safe Israel. Thirty-two years after Jerusalem was liberated we need a rally! And this rally is not supported by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, who say it is "too political."

Perfect! The calendar goes backwards to the early 1940s, when the Jewish Establishment refused to support Ben Hecht and his Emergency Committee to Save the Jews of Europe, on the ground that FDR, as the best friend the Jews ever had, was doing all he could to save the Jews.

So now Kosovar Albanians are pictured as the Jews of the Holocaust by Clintonites who say Kaddish for the Jews of Europe. And Israel has put itself in the hands of this crowd, who surely make the Western Wall wail.

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