From Arutz Sheva


More facts about yesterday's attack upon the Shomron town of Itamar continue to be revealed. A mob of between 70 and 80 Arabs, armed with axes, hatchets, and knives began to march on the town, and did not turn back even when the guards fired in the air. The guards then reportedly opened direct fire, killing one and injuring five. The two guards, residents of Itamar, were arrested, and today a Petach Tikvah court ordered their custody extended for five days. Shomron Regional Council head Bentzy Lieberman warned that "their arrest is scandalous. They deserve a medal, and not arrest!" The arrests may cause Jewish lives to be lost, according to Lieberman, as other Israelis will be deterred from opening fire when necessary. "The army is on our side," he told Arutz-7 today. "An IDF investigation found that the shooting was carried out legitimately in the framework of self-defense, and the army insisted that they not be tried, and at the very least that their custody not be extended - but the police still acted as they did."

Kedumim Mayor Daniella Weiss was even more vehement: "According to instructions that we have received from the army, and even from the Chief of Staff himself, if Arabs come to kill us, such as with hatchets and axes as they came yesterday, then we are to shoot to kill.. We don't exactly carry out these 'orders' very often, such that if it happens once every few years, it is clearly a case of danger to life. It is a disgrace that Jews who defend their lives and those of their neighbors be placed under arrest even for one hour! There should be no trial or anything else; they must simply be released!"

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