Israeli Offers to Negotiate between US and
Yemenite Demonstrators to End Cycle of Violence

October 12, 2000

Dear President Clinton,

Madeline Albright has spoken of taking appropriate action against the "terrorists" responsible for the attack on the destroyer in Yemen. I would like to take exception to the description of those responsible for this action as "terrorists." Please describe them, rather, as "demonstrators." In addition, I hope that you will take a moment to feel the anguish of the people who carried out the attack and, rather than retaliating in kind, declare an immediate end to violence on both sides. Peace with Yemenite demonstrators cannot be brought about through violence, but only when America and the demonstrators meet at the negotiating table. You must be willing to show your flexibility and ability to make difficult, even painful, choices for the sake of peace. A good first step would be to hand over 93% of your fleet in the Middle East to the Yemenite demonstrators.

If you wish, I am available to act as a good faith broker to these peace talks.


Yaacov David Shulman

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