Oslo's Gift of "Peace":
The Destruction of Israel's Security

By Christopher Barder

Ariel Center, 2001

A realistic document at a time of delusion and despair.

Book Review by Dr. Mordechai Nisan

Ever since the Six Day War and its aftermath in 1967, that shining Israeli victory has served as a catalyst and touchstone for the collective Arab strategy in their struggle against the Jewish State. With the help of unceasing international pressure, the Arabs are trying tirelessly to return Israel to the impossible borders preceding that war, as a first stage in destroying Israel, to culminate in its complete fall later on. In one way or another, the UN Resolution 242 in 1967, the Rogers Plan in 1969, the Camp David Agreement in 1978 and the Madrid Conference in 1991, and up through the Oslo Agreement in 1993, in their directives and their meaning, all become part of Zionist policy through formulations of Israeli surrender. Early on, the Israelis gave up the territorial fruits of the vital military and spiritual victory won in the war of June 1967.

With 285 pages of exciting and well documented narrative text, plus appendices that add to knowledge, Christopher Barder's book discusses the Oslo Plan in a lively and richly worded way. Actually, at issue is the critical contemporary stage of the global Arab-Islamic system, reflecting the iron will of the enemies of Israel. This is both research and a polemical book, without the personal opinion of the researcher undermining the strength of the convincing array of facts. Presented to the reader is a detailed document which traces the deterioration of the strategic environment of the State of Israel, and especially since the famous signature which aroused deep revulsion in every Jew whose identity with his people had not left him.

According to Barder, Oslo is a code name for bringing about the death of the Jewish poeple, integrated in a macabre way with a super-diabolical plan, in the orchestration by Norwegians and leftwing Israelis of a process termed "peace". To the contrary, its outcome is certainly liable to be the liquidation of the little state of the Jewish people in the Middle East. "Oslo" is not only an agreement, with further agreements amended after 1993, but mainly a distortion that ruled over Israel and pushes her to the edge of complete national destruction. Parallel to the essense of the agreement that obligates her to withdraw from parts of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, Oslo serves as a background for the withdrawal of the IDF from South Lebanon and abandonment of Israel's friends, the SLA fighters and their families. The victory of Hizbullah in their Jihad (holy war) against Israel is linked by a strategic channel to a more distant circle that links Iran with Syria, and also the network between the Shi'ites in Lebanon and the Palestinians in their war in Israel.

The readiness of Ehud Barak as Prime Minister to give up the Golan Heights can be seen as strategic folly which favors the Damascus regime, and also as moral blindness toward the residents of the Golan. Barder spares no effort to present in great detail the topographical and military data, including explanations on the importance of the Golan water and the dangers of its being polluted if Israel exposes the Kinneret to Syrian polluters, with that country again on the heights above the Jordan and Hulah Valleys. Each agreement with Syria is clearly doomed to disgrace, failure and violation.

Later in the analysis, Barder gives an account of Yitzhak Rabin and the perverse perception that Israel must make peace with enemies, supposedly as a matter of far-sighted political wisdom. Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, which in part has been taking place since 1993, has hurt everything dear to us as a nation and people. In spite of that, Barak offered Arafat an Israeli surrender of at least 90% of all the territories. Throughout the 90's and until now, Israel has received terror for land.

Barder's book does not falter over Egypt, which has a hostile and hard attitude regarding Israel. By striving to take advantage of the Palestinian factor in order to create a meaningful strategic weight in the entire Fertile Crescent, through Gaza and Palestine in general, Egypt could achieve a senior standing as in times past in the Arab world. But there is no peace with Israel on the Egyptian agenda.

Oslo undoubtedly injected confusion and complications in the ranks of the IDF and caused unsolved military dilemmas in facing more than 40,000 armed Palestinians in the streets of Yesha. Without the Jordan Valley in our hands, according to Barak's offer to Arafat, the IDF will have great difficulty in preventing free penetration of terrorists and weapons from Jordan westward into Israel. Iraqi forces will grab positions on the mountain range to fire on the coastal plain below. Barak also expressed readiness to divide Jerusalem and thus allow a demographic flood of Palestinians to endanger the lives of the Jews in the capital of Israel as a daily nightmare. Hand in hand with territorial withdrawal, carried out or proposed, we began to see the tendency toward continuous extremism among the Arab citizens of the State of Israel who identify openly with Hamas and the PLO [sic], as brothers in arms for the liberation of all Palestine - with no mention of the nation of Israel.

Barder's survey takes in the range of Arabs in the Middle East, and beyond to Europe and the U.S., as basic active factors in networking against any kind of Jewish state. The Palestinian Authority, terrorist for all practical purposes, uses every opportunity to find material aid and political justification for all its acts from the Western nations. We note that the Venice conference of the European Union recognized the PLO back in 1980. That was no mistake - recognition of Palestinian rights, and by implication casting great doubt on the rights of Israel to a nation of their own. The State of Israel is presented as unnecessary in the eyes of part of the American establishment in Washington, so that the terror campaign of the PLO fuels a wild uprising with no relationship to the Oslo Agreement and its obligations to peace and co-existence that come with it. The real byword in the current reality, says Barder, is not "land for peace" but "land for war".

Finally, the writer sounds a desperate alarm to Israel to come to her senses before it's too late, to vigorously oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state. If it arises, it will create an awful unprecedented demoralization in Israel. The meaning of Oslo is the end [literally, bankruptcy] of Israel in every sense and in every area related to the survival of the nation.

However, the architects of Oslo have a completely different picture and feeling. Uri Savir, Director of the Foreign Ministry under Shimon Peres during the euphoric period of negotiations with the PLO, was happy to greet the Palestinians, and his personal friend Abu Ala, upon their return from Tunis to Palestine [sic]. So great was his stupidity that he took pride when Peres acted energetically to raise funds for the Palestinians, and undoubtedly Savir believed that Arafat would fight fundamentalist Islamic terror. In his book, The Process: Behind the Scenes of a Historic Declaration, Uri Savir approaches the goal of settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with unqualified hope. Peres for his part clearly saw the need "to distance the ghetto from the Jewish ethos". But, just as Herzl deceived himself that establishing the Jewish State would put an end to antisemitism in the world, the visionary dreamers of Oslo imagined that a signature on an agreement with enemies would put an end to generations of terror and war - not that Oslo is a recipe for terror and greater war.

Meanwhile, the fulfillment continues of the age-old and unrepaired scenario of incompatibility between the uprooting [or possibly, detachment] of Israel and the storm of hate of the Palestinians. Yosi Beilin recommends Israeli recognition of the refugees' suffering and even expresses readiness for Israel to absorb tens of thousands of them within the Green Line. But at the same time, the Palestinians in Yesha refuse a cease fire. They don't believe that peace will be achieved by the efforts of Peres to meet with Arafat, and they vigorously oppose the participation of the Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular on the side of the U.S. in the war on terror. This is Oslo and its fruit.

This writer does not know of a political book with such comprehensive and up to date content as that of Christopher Barder, who brings up data and explanations in a fluent and convincing manner. The book can hold its own with dignity against the many books of praise and applause written by politicians and academics from the Left in their humilating groveling before the Oslo idol. In this sense, the writer and the Ariel Center as publisher have done a kindness both to the people of Israel and to truth. In pointing to the absence of change for the better in the approach of the Palestinians and the Egyptians toward Israel and the Jews, the book breaks the barrier of lies and silence surrounding the wall of hate separating the Jews and the Arabs (or Moslems) in the Middle East. Accordingly, Oslo remains political decoration for the plot to liquidate Israel; but more than that, it is a strategic deception by parties who feel a deep rejection and deep [literally, down to the abyss] enmity for Israel in its land.

The mechanism of negotiations between Israel and the Arabs reveals itself not only as worthless but also as a deadly trap. Israel must not enter such a trap with hands raised in a move of surrender before the steamroller of international pressures on the side of the essentially destructive position of the Arabs. Besides Barder's advice to Israel, to stand against the demand to establish a Palestinian state as a bridge-head for continuing the war of Israel's enemies against what will (temporarily) remain of the Zionist entity, Israel must act with the greatest firmness. She must take a principled stand that does not in any way seek peace with enemies, neither the Palestinians nor the Syrians. We see the Egyptians and the Jordanians who signed peace agreements with Israel continuing to nurture a public climate that remains as before, charged with burning hatred for Israel. The opposition to normalization with the Jewish State stands unchanged.

But amazingly, every trend to make peace between Israel and the Arabs has so far not brought about a deep or fatal erosion in the ability of Israel to exist. The Golan Heights and most of the Yesha territories are in our hands. Jerusalem remains until now under Israeli control. On the Temple Mount, if there are not Jewish worshipers, at least there are Jewish policemen. In spite of the folly in the desire to withdraw in a pipedream of pseudo-statesmen [literally: as a wish by people on drugs who resemble statesmen...(!!)], history has been kind to the State of Israel. Gloomy forecasts of a inclusive withdrawal from the Golan and the mountain range in Judea and Samaria did not materialize. The IDF stands about 60 km from Damascus and protects the Jordan Valley and the slopes of the Samarian mountains, defending the security of the nation from an Arab front on the east.

Christopher Barder wrote an exciting document with the daring of the politically incorrect intellectual, and therefore, he is truly politically correct. He uses information sources of researchers and academics who have long been trying to raise awareness of the completely unreasoning [or possibly: unbalanced] adventure called "Oslo". What is guiding Barder is not a liberal ideology detached from the basic data of geopolitics and the violent Islamic culture, but what enlightens him is an open-eyed vision of what is being done in the political and military field. The reader will be very impressed with the writing of this responsible and serious researcher, who incidently doesn't live in Israel at all, but in England.


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