By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The State of Israel has three types of enemies: overt, covert and friendly.

The Arabs obviously constitute Israel's overt enemy. Of these Arabs the most insidious and perfidious are those who are citizens of Israel. Although they possess all the rights of Jews and enjoy opportunities unequaled in the Islamic world, most of these Arabs regard themselves as "Palestinians." They identify with PLO chief Yasser Arafat and not a few participate in terrorist attacks against Jews. Moreover, their high birthrate coupled to the democratic principle of one adult/one vote will enable these Arabs, perhaps in two decades, to dominate the Knesset and transform Israel into an Islamic dictatorship. This grotesque eventuality could be prevented, however, if Israel had, in addition to honest and courageous statesmen, a well-designed form of government.

For example, if Israel, like 74 other countries with democratic elections for the lower (or only) branch of the legislature, were to have regional elections, this would significantly reduce the influence of the Arab vote on Jewish parties in general, and on those of the Left in particular. The Knesset would then more readily address the Arab demographic threat. It could eliminate large family allowances and leave it to the Jewish Agency to aid large Jewish families. It could also enforce the citizenship law, which empowers the Minister of Interior to nullify the citizenship of any Israel national that commits an act of disloyalty to the state.

However, because Israeli politicians fear the canard of "racism," they appease Arab citizens. In fact, one reason why Shimon Peres and his Labor Party are so disinclined to eliminate Arafat or put an end to Arab Palestinian violence is that this would alienate Arab voters. Only recall the "Grapes of Wrath" operation against Lebanon prior to the May 1996 elections. Because so many Arabs stayed home in that election, Peres lost to Benjamin Netanyahu.

From the preceding one may regard Israel's political elites as Israel's covert enemy! Consider their failings and deadly deeds:

1. They have failed to address the Arab demographic threat to Israel's existence as a Jewish state.

2. They have dignified and legitimated Yasser Arafat, the world's master terrorist. This they did by concluding and/or implementing the Oslo or Israel-PLO Declaration of Principles. As a consequence of which:

a. They abandoned 80% of Hebron and other parts of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

b. They released and armed tens of thousands of Arabs terrorists.

c. They failed to put an end to Arab terrorism (which, since Oslo, has resulted in the murder of some 700 Jews and the maiming of many thousands more).

3. They failed to stop Muslim desecration of the Temple Mount.

4. They have made Israel appear despicable and have thereby encouraged its enemies.

5. They have desecrated G-d's Name.

Turning to Israel's friendly enemy—of course I mean the Government of the United States, whose enmity is both overt and covert. Given its paramount economic and strategic interests in the Middle East, the U.S. has always and quite openly been committed to Israel's withdrawal to her 1949 armistice lines. But this would facilitate Israel's annihilation by Arab-Islamic states. American military aid to Israel does not nullify this terrible fact, especially when the U.S. also supplies Israel's Arab-Islamic enemies with an abundance of the most sophisticated military equipment.

The destruction of the Twin Towers by Arab-Islamic terrorists has not altered Washington's pernicious attitude. To the contrary, to secure its bizarre coalition of Arab and Islamic autocrats in the war against global terrorism, the Bush administration has called for the establishment of a Palestinian state. And when the Israel Defense Forces went into various Palestinian strongholds to suppress terrorists and to apprehend the murderers of cabinet minister Rehavam Ze'evi, the State Department crudely ordered Israel to "get out immediately and not return" to what are nothing but terrorist havens.

This recalls the Persian Gulf War, when the U.S. pressured Israel not to retaliate against Iraq's Scud missile attack. Mention of Iraq leads me to Washington's covert enmity toward Israel.

Consider what we know as a consequence of the Jonathan Pollard affair. Pollard provided Israel with classified information about Iraqi military developments—which information, however, the U.S. was supposed to have provided in accordance with its Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jerusalem. The United States is not a faithful friend.

Now, let us ask why the State of Israel has these three types of enemies? They serve a single purpose, namely, to teach Jews that they cannot trust the Arabs, they cannot trust their own government, and they cannot trust their friends. Learning this perhaps Jews will then understand that their future depends solely on their fidelity to G-d.

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