by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The Arabists in the U.S. State Department have issued an ultimatum for Israel to cease its war against Terrorism because this defense will (supposedly) enrage Islam and the Arab world. The excuse they presently use is that, in response to the horrific attack by militant Muslims on that infamous 9-11 day in America, we will now fight Global Terrorism and we will enlist the Arab nations to assist.

This was not the first ultimatum issued to Israel by various Administrations and the U.S. State Department so closely connected and allied with oil rich Arab nations - who are not proving up their friendships. These self-serving, business-driven ultimatums only emphasize the fact that Israel has been under constant terror assaults since her birth in 1948 and before from the very same Arab nations who hate America and whose street demonstrators burn American flags.

Granted, for Israel sometimes the terror is at a low level, consisting of stabbings, rocks through car windows, gasoline bombs, etc. Other times Arafat ramped up the Terror, in coordination with other terror groups like Hamas, Hezb'Allah, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), all funded by Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and others. They reinvigorated the 'Fatwa' (Islamic decree issued by Muslim clerics) of 'Jihad' (Holy War) where they engage in suicide bombings, sniper attacks, drive-by shootings, road side and mortar bombs. Since Oslo these enraged Islamists have murdered over 655 Israelis (including 20 Americans), thousands wounded - some maimed for life. Now Islam can add thousands of more Americans who died in the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the four hijacked planes.

Their Islamic rage has always focused on America who they call the "Great Satan" but, they need America both as oil clients and the source of the high tech weapons they turn against us. We Americans, had our first taste of Terrorism on our soil by the Islamic-driven attack in 1993 against the World Trade Center by Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, now serving a life sentence for masterminding the attack that was intended then to kill thousands. Our second attack of war by Terror bombings on our own soil by Muslim extremists now called Islamists was September 11th, now called 911 killed 4,777. And within a week, we were also facing Bio-Terror of a multiple Anthrax attack. Our authorities are warning us that there is definitely more to come.

When Bush and Powell issued a call for an international coalition to fight Global Terrorism, only a few nations actually stepped forward to offer real help. Britain, Israel, Italy and Russia (with a little bribery needed) but, conspicuous of their absence were the Arab nations, particularly Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

As happened during the Gulf War, the Bush Administration Arabists once again ordered Israel side-lined - although the Bush/Baker Administration quietly accepted their help in Intelligence. Then too, the State Department and Bush/Baker/Powell demanded that Israel not strike back at Iraq after Saddam hit Israel with 39 SCUD missiles. Then Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir reluctantly accepted the Bush/Baker/Powell assurances that American aircraft would hunt down and destroy the Iraqi SCUD missile launchers. Israeli Intelligence who had ground teams in Iraq stated publicly that no attempts were being made by American pilots to hit the SCUD missile launchers.

The U.S. State Department under James Baker and Papa Bush's Administration denied these accusations. But, after the war, a report by the American GAO (General Accounting Office) indicated that American pilots were NOT tasked to strike Saddam's missile launchers. We lost some 19 Pennsylvanian Marines by a direct hit from an Iraqi SCUD - which just might have not happened had the Israeli pilots been given the IFF (Identify Friend and Foe) codes so as to avoid hostile encounters with American aircraft.

Then the excuse to keep Israel out of the picture was that the Arab world would be enraged and that threatened the phony coalition of Syria and Egypt, among the other Arab nations. Syria and Egypt lent their names to the Gulf Coalition but did absolutely nothing to assist America in its war with Iraq. This was acceptable to Bush, Baker and the dovish General Colin Powell.

Today Secretary of State Colin Powell is again desperately trying to put together another paper-thin Coalition of Arab nations, most of whom have offered verbal condolences but refuse to take any real military action. Powell and the State Department again threaten Israel to cease her war against the Terrorism. Powell is once again using the transparent excuse that Israel's battle against daily terrorism will enrage Islam and the Arab nations. Thus enraged, they will not join Powell's phantom coalition.

It is a Catch 22 with Colin Powell not only being ignominiously rejected by the so-called moderate Arab nations but, even the terrorist nations reject any show of support. Bush and Powell tried to bribe Syria and Iran by offering to take them off the American blacklist of nations who sponsor Terrorism. The Bribe was that we could then sell (or rather 'gift') them Billions of dollars in America's most advanced military equipment. Syria would be treated just as we do Egypt by gifting them the Billions in weapons but calling it "sales" so the American taxpayers won't know they're being ripped off. The weapons' industries become a government charity as they are paid directly from the national treasury with American tax-payers' dollars. That bit of gouging is a story yet to be told by any major media outlet.

Nevertheless, although rejected by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Iran, the State Department floats the disinformation that these nations are providing important intelligence on Osama bin Laden's Terrorist organizations. Perhaps that is why we bomb empty mountain ranges in Afghanistan, hoping to hit the elusive Bin Laden. As Joseph Stalin trusted Adolph Hitler, Bush and Powell rely on the word of terrorist leaders.

I just heard Tom Friedman, the ultra switch hitter of the Left Liberals explain why Israel should cease her attacks against the Palestinian Terrorists because it would 'pacify' the Arab nations and then they would be un-enraged. From Arafat's NEW YORK TIMES champion of disinformation, Tom Friedman, this phony pundit opined that, in order for America to succeed in the war in Afghanistan they must go in with ground troops to root out the Taliban. However, at the same time he castigated Israel for going in with ground troops to the areas where Arafat's Terrorists are holed up as they launch daily terrorist attacks on Israeli all across the nation.

On October 18th, even as the Israel buried General and Minister of Knesset Rachavam Ze'evi "Gandhi", a top Minister in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's security cabinet, Colin Powell, through a State Department spokesman issued another threatening dictum: He ordered Israel to cease her fight against the unbridled Terrorist attacks by Arafat's and Arab Terror and to 'IMMEDIATELY' pull out of the areas where they are rooting out Tanzim bombers and Fatah killers and never go back! Well, that's certainly a mouthful from an organization who, in deference to the Arabs tried to keep the U.N. from voting in favor of establishing Israel as a State in 1947. The same Arabist organization, closely influenced by multi-national oil companies has worked diligently for the last 53 years to re-partition Israel on the way to her extinction.

Although the nations of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Iran may be the front line enemies dedicated to Israel's defeat, the U.S. State Department may, in the end, be far more effective at accomplishing that than the Arab armies . (Do not be surprised that Egypt is included in the list of Israel's dedicated enemies as they are now well-armed for a full war with Israel, courtesy of American tax-payer's dollars. A few years ago during a "Bright Star" joint military exercise with the U.S., an Egyptian General said to then Secretary of Defense William Cohen that they were preparing for war with Israel. Cohen reportedly said nothing.)

Israel cannot take a time-out in her war on Terror as she is attacked several times every single day. While, no doubt, September 11th will be celebrated as a Muslim victory over the West, the Arabs are still trying to establish a similar day to be celebrated if and when they can defeat the Jewish nation. Islamic "Days of Rage" started centuries before September 11th and will continue no matter how much Bush and Powell grovel before their oily friends.

Some may recall Secretary of State Warren Christopher's 26 futile journeys as a supplicant to Hafez al Assad, President of Syria, to beg him to cease Terror. Assad made Christopher grovel in the name of America - much the same as Powell is presently doing. Christopher (and all the Secretaries of State before him) got absolutely nothing from Syria, Iraq or Iran.

During the era of Madame Madeleine Albright, she and Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller and Dan Kurtzer (current American Ambassador to Israel) made countless entreaties to Yassir Arafat. They begged and bribed him to cease terror - while trying to force Israel to quit fighting Arafat's Terror attacks as part of the Americans' attempted appeasement of Arafat, the Grand Master of Global Terrorism as well as the militant Arab nations.

It never worked and it never will! The rage of radical Islam and the radically militant Arabs is against something we Westerners cannot change by bribery, pleading and groveling. That something is called Democracy, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech, the success of the West, our high standard of living and all the things the Arabs have failed at.

Where freedom is present, people advance. In places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Libya everyone except the elite lives in poverty. Wherever territory was turned over to Yassir Arafat, his despotic rule turned those areas into poverty-stricken villages which seethed with rage. But, although Arafat caused this poverty by attacking the Israeli population and thereby cutting off Palestinian access to jobs in and trade with Israel, nonetheless Arafat blames Israel. When Arafat terrorized his own people, American politicians, the Europeans and the United Nations remained absolutely silent.

It was ever thus among the Arab leaders. Israel was always their excuse for the poverty with which they oppressed their own people. Every war they lost, they blamed on outside forces. If Israel beat them, they blamed America. They always used the instrument of religion to whip up the rage of the people so they (the leaders) would not be blamed for the misery they caused.

But, they had help from the West. The Arabists in the American government, the Europeans all had their eye on Arab oil and the markets fueled by our oil purchases at inflated rates. They then encouraged the Arabs who hated the Jewish State, hoping their bias would assist them to get those oil leases. New Wars also sold Billions of dollars in replacement weapons so that also was good for business.

Now, we Americans are suffering because we sold those radical nations weapons and technology which came back to haunt us as Anthrax, perhaps nuclear suitcase bombs, and other horrors which were created in our own advanced Western laboratories. Of course, the President and the State Department cannot accept the blame and responsibility of creating the horror that haunts our streets.

We try to shift the blame elsewhere, to Israel but we never blame the real culprits: the radical Muslim Islamists and the radical Terror-supporting Arab nations. Instead, we invite them to join the Bush/Powell coalition so they will be safe from our attack against Global Terrorism.

We sowed the wind and we reaped the whirlwind.

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