By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Ariel Sharon's ability to anesthetize the people of Israel - including many academics - while Israel is soaking in its own blood makes him this country's most dangerous prime minister.

Such has been the depth of Israel's decline and degradation under Sharon that, in January 2002, only ten members of the Sharon-controlled Knesset had enough intestinal fortitude to vote YES on a resolution to abrogate Oslo -- this, even though more Jews have been murdered by Arab terrorists under Sharon's reign than under all of his four predecessors!

Moreover, even though the U.S. destroyed the Taliban and the al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Mr. Sharon has continued to negotiate with the "irrelevant" Yasser Arafat-of course via Arafat's flunkies. Not even the U.S.-led conquest of Iraq has prompted Sharon to alter his policy of self-restraint against Arab suicide bombings and rocket attacks, a policy requiring, as one general put it, "educating the [Jewish] population to absorb blows." This pusillanimous policy has dehumanized the Jews of this country.

In April 2003, Prime Minister Sharon accepted a document concocted in secret, hostile in purpose, and prepared in collusion with some of Israel's worst enemies-the Road Map to a Palestinian state. The document was apparently inspired by Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, but foisted on the uninformed people of Israel by a "Quartet" consisting of the U.S., the UN, the European Union, and Russia. Without cabinet or Knesset discussion, Mr. Sharon accepted a document that would retreat Israel to its 1949 borders, which Abba Eban famously called Israel's "Auschwitz" lines. This would be the inevitable consequence of establishing an Arab state in Judea and Samaria. The leaders of such a state, life-long terrorists, are openly committed to Israel's annihilation, and they have educated a generation of Arab children to fulfill this genocidal objective.

The borders for that Arab state have already been constructed under the Sharon Government. It is called a "security fence"; it is nothing of the kind. First of all, more than 200,000 Jews live east of that multi-billion dollar "security fence." Second, even military commanders openly admit that the only thing that prevents suicide bombers from entering cities west of that fence is the presence of the IDF in "Palestinian" cities. Finally, and as pointed out by one commentator, "While Israel, in building [the fence] is renouncing its claims to everything on the eastern side, the Palestinians, in objecting to [the fence], renounce none of their claims to the western side." Israel's degradation under the Sharon Government is awesome. In forming his Government after the January 2003 elections, Mr. Sharon appointed two leaders of the ultra-secular Shinui Party, chairman Tommy Lapid and Avraham Poraz, to head, respectively, the Justice and Interior Ministries. These two ministries have the power to secularize and deJudaize the State of Israel. Mr. Lapid announced that he would oppose any reform of the mode of appointing judges of the Supreme Court-a self-perpetuating oligarchy that scorns the abiding beliefs and values of the Jewish people. This cannot but accelerate the Left's crusade for a "secular revolution" in Israel.

Meanwhile, Mr. Poraz, in addition to fostering commercial violation of the Sabbath, facilitated the entry of gentiles into the country by "flexible" interpretation of the conversion and immigration laws. Under his secular agenda, citizenship may also be granted to the children of foreign workers, as well as to any non-Jew that could make some contribution to the country, whether financial, artistic, scientific, or even athletic. Mr. Sharon raised no objection to this blatant attempt to deJudaize Israel, despite the fact that the Jewish majority in Israel has plummeted from 82% to 71% in twenty years!

If further proof is wanted regarding Sharon's betrayal of the millions of Jews who have come to this country because they wanted to live in a Jewish state, (1) he opposed any amendment of the "grandfather clause" of the Law of Return, which has enabled hundreds of thousands of gentiles to enter Israel; (2) in justifying his choice of Poraz to promote immigration to Israel, he said: "I see that [a Jew is] whoever comes, sees himself as part of the Jewish people, serves in the army, and fights"; (3) he even referred to Judea and Samaria as "occupied territory"! Clearly, Mr. Sharon has spoken and acted as the Left's surrogate prime minister-while nonetheless preserving his persona as a nationalist, thereby anesthetizing the people. This is why he is the most dangerous prime minister in Israel's history.

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