by Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The chairman of your party, Ariel Sharon, castigates as "rebels" those of you who oppose his unilateral disengagement plan -- which he himself opposed in the January 2003 election campaign."

He has the audacity to tell you and the entire nation that he has not departed from his January 2003 campaign against unilateral disengagement, which garnered your party 38 Knesset seats! He threatens that new elections may leave many of you outside the Knesset, because those seats, he boasts, were brought to the party by him personally, when in truth it was your party's anti-disengagement campaign that made this impostor Israel's prime minister.

He has betrayed your Zionist principles, your voters, and the heritage of the Jewish people -- and for what? Nothing! That is precisely the value of the good will he expects from the United States and Europe.

And now he mocks settlers as having a "messianic complex," even though he was once their champion.

Such is his arrogance that he disregards the warnings of IDF Chief of Staff, Gen. Moshe Ya'alon and of Gen. Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash, head of IDF Intelligence. He dismisses their warnings against retreating under fire from Gaza even while Hamas and Islamic Jihad are developing rockets that can reach Jerusalem. Would it not be ironic justice if their rockets struck the Knesset where you and your colleagues have so ignobly decided the fate of thousands of Jewish families?

You have a monster at the head of your party, who is bringing the State of Israel to the brink, and you do nothing more than call for a referendum. How contemptible! Bring the government down! You have 17 MKs who voted against disengagement, and at least 8 more who really oppose this criminal deed. Form a coalition with the four anti-disengagement parties, National Union, the National Religious Party, Shas, and Torah United Judaism, which together have 29 MKs -- a coalition that will now give you 54 seats, more than enough for the President to call upon you to form the next government!

Know well that retreat from Gaza will only heighten the Arabs' contempt and reinforce their commitment to Israel's destruction. Know well that the Arabs despise Sharon, precisely because they know he has the power to destroy them but refrains from doing so. Know well that the Arabs despise the Jews because they are willing to sacrifice what they call their birthright -- for peace.

There is no honor, there is no courage, among Jews whose leader is Ariel Sharon. Therefore, I call your attention to a former leader of your party, Menachem Begin, before he succumbed to the cult of peace or appeasement and proceeded to surrender the Sinai to Egypt -- today the primary arms supplier of Gaza's terrorists -- Egypt, which Sharon has invited into Gaza to train those Jew-killers!

* * *

At the height of the outpouring of joy on Israel's declaration of independence on May 15, 1948, Menachem Begin -- who had lived in the Underground for almost five years -- addressed the Jews of Israel over the secret radio station of the Irgun Zvai Leumi:

We went Underground, we arose in the Underground under the rule of [British] oppression in order to strike at oppression and to overthrow it. Now, for the time being we have Hebrew rule in part of our Homeland. And it is in this part that there will be Hebrew Law -- and that is the only rightful law in this country...

The State of Israel has arisen, but we must remember that our country is not yet liberated, and you see now the words of your Irgun fighters were not vain words; it is Hebrew arms which decide the boundaries of the Hebrew State. So it is now in this battle [the War of Independence]; so it will be in the future.

Our God-given country is a unity. To attempt to dissect it is not only a crime, but a blasphemy and an abortion. Whoever does not recognize our natural right to our entire Homeland, does not recognize our right to any part of it...

Citizens of the Hebrew State, soldiers of Israel, we are in the midst of battle. Difficult days lie ahead of us...we cannot buy peace from our enemies by appeasement. There is only one kind of peace that can be bought -- the peace of the graveyard, the peace of Treblinka. Be brave of spirit, and ready for more trials. We shall withstand them. The Lord of Hosts will help us; he will sustain the bravery of the Hebrew youth, the bravery of the Hebrew mothers who, like Hannah, offer their sons on the altar of God.

Now let me speak for myself. Members of the Likud: Unless you form the coalition mentioned above, the Third Commonwealth will disintegrate; indeed, it is already disintegrating. Know well, however, that Israel is eternal. Though you abandon Gaza, Jews will return. Though you abandon Judea and Samaria, Jews will return. They will pay a terrible price for leaving, and a terrible price to return. But the Fourth Commonwealth that will emerge in the coming chapter of Jewish history will be very different from the Third, for it will witness the spiritual redemption of the Jewish people.

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