Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dear Friends,

Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, made a speech to the 21st Zionist Congress, in Basel, Switzerland, in 1937. His words are as relevant today as they were then.

"No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist. No Jewish body is sanctioned to do so. Even all the Jews alive today have no authority to yield any piece of land whatsoever. This right is reserved to the Jewish People throughout the generations. This right cannot be forfeited under any circumstances. Even if at some given time there will be those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the authority to negate it for future generations. The Jewish Nation is neither obligated by nor responsible for any such waiver. Our right to this land, in its entirety, is enduring and eternal. And until the coming of the Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right."

Tuesday, October 26, 2004, 67 years later, will go down in Jewish history as a most tragic occurrence. Sharon's Plan to forcibly evacuate fellow Jews from their communities in Biblical Gaza was approved by the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) on this date.

Our government has been hijacked by Ariel Sharon, who has turned into a clever manipulative dictator. He thumbs his nose at his own party, the membership of which had rejected his Unilateral Disengagement Plan (deporting Jews from their Biblical Homeland) by an overwhelming majority of 19.5% on May 3, 2004.

One cannot blame Labor, Yachad (formerly Meretz), and the Arab Knesset Members who voted for the Plan. They did what was expected of them. They had advocated surrender to the Arab enemy all along.

The "Revised Disengagement Plan" was approved in a 67-45 vote with 7 abstentions. 29 of the votes in favor of Unilateral Disengagement came from Left wing opposition MKs, who jumped jubilantly from their seats after the vote to congratulate Sharon that he now has Knesset approval to uproot Jews from their homes. Ironically, once upon a time, before Sharon betrayed his own Likud Party and the voters who had given him a landslide victory in the last election, these very leftists considered Sharon to be Public Enemy Number One.

Thus, there were few surprises in the result of the Knesset vote. Nevertheless, there were some heartening aspects. Seventeen Likud Knesset Members had the courage to vote against Ariel Sharon. The nation may be seriously divided as a result of Sharon's Plan, but it should be noted that there are those in the Likud Party who will not timidly submit to his dictates.

Bibi Netanyahu, Limor Livnat, Tzachi Hanegbi, Dan Naveh, and Silvan Shalom, our so-called "friends", all Likud Ministers in Sharon's Cabinet, have put a knife in the back of their own constituency - betraying all Zionist principles - in order to hold on to their ministerial seats of power. They have joined the camp of the enemy, the extreme Left, which brought us the disastrous surrender policies of the Oslo Accords.

Of the Likud Ministers, only Uzi Landau and Michael Ratzon had the moral integrity not to go against their own Likud Party Platform and the great majority of the Likud membership. They cast their votes against Sharon's Disengagement Plan. As promised, they were immediately fired by Sharon, just as he had previously fired Ministers Benny Elon and Avigdor Liberman, when they announced that they were going to vote against his Plan.

We will continue to fight Sharon's evil immoral Plan to forcibly evacuate Jews from their Homeland. The People of Israel will not accept this shameful vote of the Knesset. NO ONE, NO PRIME MINISTER, AND NO PARLIAMENT, HAS THE RIGHT TO GIVE AWAY ANY PORTION OF OUR G-D GIVEN BIBLICAL HOMELAND.

Most importantly, the Women in Green will continue our important work to educate the People of Israel as to THE RIGHT TO OUR LAND, and to resist government suppression of dissent to Sharon's manipulative Plan to surrender to terror.

We are in desperate need of a leader who believes in the ultimate destiny of the Jewish People at this crucial period in our history. May the G-d of Israel send us such a leader.


With Blessings and Love for Israel,


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