Editor's Note: This historic political ad was published by a coalition of Middle East and American Christian, and human rights organizations. It appeared in the Washington Times on October 7, 1996. For the first time in history, Middle East Christians are responding to the Arab regimes openly. To demonstrate our solidarity with the Christian and other non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East, the Freeman Center has decided to reprint this ad free of charge in THE MACCABEAN.

Who Is The Oppressor In The Middle East?
Who Is Killing Peace?

When the Israelis add an opening to a tunnel in Jerusalem, Arab regimes protest. When the Jews excavate their archeological sites, the PLO wage a guerilla war, the Arab League stage diplomatic campaigns, and world media is outraged. If Mr Yassir Arafat is angry, theUnited States hurries to invite Israel's Prime Minister, and Arab leaders to discuss the matter.

Arafat's indignation over a Jewish archeological tunnel mobilizes the Arab regimes, and extracts crocodile tears from Western diplomats. Arab leaders in the Middle East, and "Arabist" followers in the West are "outraged because Peace is being killed." Yes we agree with them, Peace is being killed, but we will tell them by whom. Arab regimes in the Middle East and "Arabists" in the West are looking for an oppressor to be indicted, so the region will find Justice, freedom, and the respect of human rights. Yes we agree with them, there are oppressors in the Middle East. Yes there are criminals against humanity in that region. Yes they should be exposed, indicted, and many should even be brought to the justice of History.

We will tell who those oppressors are Mr Arafat, you are one of them. You ordered the massacres of the Christian towns of Damur, Aishiye, Beit Mallat, Tall Abbas, and many others in Lebanon between 1982 and 199O. You, and the PLO are responsible for a genocide against the Christian people of Lebanon, including moderate Sunnis, Shiites, and Druse. All were oppressed, jailed and assassinated. You are responsible for the killing of a 100,000 Lebanese civilians. Your Fatah forces still "settle" lands confiscated from Lebanese Christians. You killed Peace in Lebanon and now you are killing Peace in the Holy land. Where are the eighty thousand Christians of Bethlehem? The United States government should have asked you to appear at the Hague for the crimes you perpetrated in Lebanon, rather than parading in a Limousine around the beltway.

President Mubarak, you are eager to proclaim your outrage because "1,000,000 Palestinians did not obtain their rights." But what about the 12,000,000 Christian Copts your regime is oppressing on a daily base. You are concerned about an archeological tunnel in Jerusalem, while Churches are burning, and hundreds of Copts are assassinated in Manshiet Nasr, Assiut, Zawiya al-Hamra, and other Christian enclaves inside Egypt. You extend your support to your "brother Arafat" while your predecessor has imprisoned the Pope Shenouda, and your regime denies the Copts basic rights. You call for arming the PLO against the Jews of Israel, and you disarm the Christians of Egypt, who are attacked by the Jihad forces. There is no Peace is Egypt.

President Assad speaks of "occupation" and "withdrawals," while his 45,000 troops, tanks, and thousands of security apparatuses occupies Lebanon and brutally oppress its civilian population. Hundreds of Lebanese are arrested, tortured by Syrian security forces. Syria is destroying Lebanon's economy, dismantling its independence, and obliterating its Peace. Not only Assad has killed Peace in Lebanon, he massacred tens of thousands of his own people, killing internal Peace in Syria, too.

The Saudi monarchy is upset because allegedly the religious rights of Islam are threatened in Jerusalem. But what about Christianity in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Peninsula. Christians cannot build churches in Mecca, Medina, nor in any other place within the kingdom. Christians are jailed, Christians cannot pray in public. The House of Saoud is not a house of Peace. It maintains injustice inside Arabia, and funds Jihad worldwide.

Last but not least, we hear the Arab League claiming its rights in Palestine, and calling on world governments to help secure "Arab" rights. But why does the Arab League condone the genocide of the Black African people of South Sudan and the Nuba mountains. Why does the Arab League endorse the massacre of the Kurds in northern Iraq, and cultural oppression of the Berbers in Algeria. Why does the Arab league encourage the genocide of the Assyrians, the Bahais, the Maronites, and many others in the region.

Why doesn't the United States government invite the Arab leaders to meet with John Garang and Riek Machar of southern Sudan, Michel Aoun and Antoine Lahad of Lebanon, Jalal Talabani and Massud Barazani of Kurdistan, and the leadership of all endangered minorities in the Middle East. Why do you invite dictators who oppress nations, and denies Peace to millions, to ride in expensive cars in Washington DC, while the real underdogs of the Middle East are crushed by their tanks, in their respective homelands. Why should the American taxpayer pay the bills of the oppressors in the Middle East. Why is our foreign policy so unjust?

South Sudan Movement of America, Dr Dominic Mohamed (Miami)
American Coptic Association, Dr Shawki Karas (New Jersey)
Assyrian American Committee, Pierre Shamoun (Chicago)
World Lebanese Organization, Sharbel Barakat (New York)
World Maronite Union, Michel Raphael (Miami)
Iranian Christian International, Abe Ghofari (Colorado)
Pakistani Christian Association of America, Manzur Alam (Connecticut)
Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC), Joseph Gergi (New York)
The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights under Islamization,
Reverend Keith Roderick (Illinois) -representing 55 human rights organizations
Religious Freedom International, Clark Austin (California)
Wake Up Coalition, Minister Cathy Rose (Florida)

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