Bs"D Pinat Arutz 7 -- 8 Cheshvan 5757 (21 October 1996)

On The Anniversary Of The Rabin Asassination

Some Reflections By Moshe Feiglin

Shalom to everyone!

Question: What really happened on that fateful and bitter night, one year ago at Kikar Malchei Yisrael (Kings of Israel Plaza).

Answer: What kind of question is this? Everyone knows! The "Right" incited, the Rabbis gave their interpretations - and the killer shot the gun.

Is it at all possible to interpret what happened in any other way?../... There truly is no other way to think - for anyone who dares to open their eyes to the reality that has been revealed to us - and tries to think independently - is right away subjected to a shower of criticism from all of the media as well as from all of the brain-washers who determine which way the wind blows in this State.

And anyone who has the courage to realize what actually happened - is better off staying quiet in a corner../... to avoid the "Thought Police"!!

And while the "Thought Police" are at work../.., it is impossible to get to the truth of what really happened on the night of the assassination of the Prime Minister of the Jewish State. This assassination should cause each of us to think and to learn a lesson - but instead, it is being used as the most successful opportunity ever since the murder of Arlozorov, to "dance on the blood of the victim" - and to gain political advantage of the situation).

This is how it happened that the worst incident to happen to Israeli democracy - was not truly and fully investigated - and the only lesson we have learned from this experience is that there should have been more security../... and more automatic weapons in the hands of the bodyguards../.., and more fortified limousines../... Long live the "Yiddishe Kop" (Jewish head - lit. - meaning the Jewish way of thinking)../...

Were the slogans and the name calling expressed by some people the real reason that caused Yigal Amir to kill Rabin? Nonsense!! Nasty slogans and name calling have always been around, especially coming from the "Left". Amir appears to be a psychopath - but certainly not stupid - truthfully, he gives the impression of being intelligent and clear thinking - he certainly didn't go and kill a man just because someone told him../...

A short summary of the three years which preceded the murder leads one to the only possible conclusion - in those terrible days, Israel was not a free state.

The Labor party reached power through the assistance of a terrorist organization and the violation of the law. Although they found themselves in the minority - they relied on those loyal to Arafat in the Knesset - and Rabin reneged on all his promises from just a few weeks earlier.

No protest "moved him" - and he incited the citizens who supported him in a criminal fashion against his political opponents by referring to his opponents as "Assistants of the Hamas" "propellers", "a cancer", and all the rest of the nasty references he used - that here is not the proper place to recall../...

Tens of people were held under administrative detention, with no trial and no way to legally defend themselves. The Shaba"k (General Security Service) became a political arm of the Labor party and made it a point to place "agent provocateurs" within the various protest movements of the "Right". The media was a willing accomplice and smeared the loyal majority of the public. Passive demonstrators were beaten mercilessly and were dispersed with brutal violence that even I didn't believe possible until I saw it with my own eyes.

Jewish blood was being spilled like water and Rabin stood on his honor - unwilling to listen or to take into account the feelings of the public. He refused to consider calling for early elections, referring to the opponents of his policies as "enemies of the peace", which he additionally translated to "assistants of Hamas" - enemies of the Labor party were called "enemies of the State"../...

In a totalitarian reality such as I have just described - it is just a question of time before an assassin crawls out of some dark hole - which is what happened.

So continue to make us crazy with your talk of incitement, "pulsa denura" and the rest of your nonsense../ haven't learned a thing../...

On the day of the murder I will be remembering a good Jew who was murdered on exactly the same date - one year earlier, Chaim Mizrachi, HY"D (G-d shall avenge his death), who was murdered exactly one year before Rabin's murder, by a member of the PLO. He went to buy eggs cheaply - that was how the Prime Minister reacted at the time../... to buy eggs cheaply../...

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