Letters From Our Readers

To The Likud:

Before I say anything else, I want to point out that I have absolutely no affiliation with the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, and that everything I have to say here is intended only for constructive purposes.

The Israeli government is currently being subjected to an unprecedented barrage of attacks from the media, the Arab world, and the Israeli left. The performance of the government, and of the Likud, in responding effectively to this assault can only be described as dismal and pathetic. The end result of this public relations failure will inevitably be capitulation to the demands of our enemies, and disaster for the Jewish state.

This list (the freemanlist) provides ideal "hasbara" material for explaining the nationalist camp's pro-Zionist, pro-security positions, which the Likud purports to represent.

The Freeman Center has been countering the attacks on the Israeli government with a continuous stream of intelligent, incisive articles, in defense of the those very principles upon which the Likud was founded, and upon which the current Israeli government is based. Barely a day goes by without a brilliant piece of "hasbara" on the Freeman mailing list. The Likud mailing list, by contrast, has been deafeningly silent.

You could do nothing better than to take advantage of the invaluable resources which the Freeman Center offers. You should continue receiving their mailings -- and most importantly -- to take an example from them.

B'ahavat Yisrael,
Moshe Z. Matitya (10/14/96)

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

Shalom u'vracha from Tsfat. We are sending you our best wishes and prayers for much hatzlacha in all your endeavors.

I receive regular mailings from the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies in Houston Texas. I have been on their list for some time and support Mr. Shapiro's work. I am not certain if you and/or the members of your staff are familiar with them. If not, you certainly should be. They regularly circulate materials which are supportive of Israel, you and your present government. In fact, it is most difficult today to find materials which are as supportive as theirs.

All the best.
Rena Cohen

Dear Bernard:

Keep up the Good Work

Bernard, thank you for the information on the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies. I read all of it, including the entire Maccabean (October 96 Issue). I agree wholeheartedly with your views. You and your fellow authors are to be commended.

My annual dues will be mailed to you today. I only wish I had more to give you. If I ever do, I'll send it to you. The Maccabean is one of the very few publications (besides the Middle East Intelligence Digest and FLAME ads) that make any sense to me.

Please keep the Maccabean coming and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

George Theiss
USMC Vietnam Veteran (10/18/96)

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I think it is high time to call on you to honor one of your very early campaign promises. He promised to recreate and develop the Hasbarah department, and to ensure that it acted to get the truth past the leftist machinery in the propaganda business. I warned you about this in December 1993, at a meeting he held in Toronto, and which I, as a member of the Betar National Executive, attended. I told him that as a campus activist, I was fighting the war with no weapons beyond my own wits, and that the lack of provisions by the Israeli government, either directly or through its foreign representatives was inexcusable../..../...

The honest truth is that the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, under the capable and honest leadership of Bernard Shapiro has taken the lead in the Hasbarah fight over the past three horrifying years. Through the Center's monthly publication, "The Maccabean", and through its Internet activities, including the Freemanlist, Shapiro and the Center have been the only honest voice for Zionist interests on a North America-wide level../..../...

The Likud has a duty to groups like the Freeman Center, Americans For A Safe Israel, Arutz-7, Betar, the Women in Green, Zu Artzeinu, the Professors For A Strong Israel, and other such grassroots groups. It is due in part to these groups that Peres lost the recent elections../..../...The Likud needs to re-acquaint itself with the ideals of Revisionist Zionism if it is to have any success as an alternative to the disasters that Labour tried to visit upon Israel.

Yehuda Poch yehuda@tnp.com (10/20/96)

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