Jacques Chirac, Untrustworthy - As Always

By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Some refer to the France as the prostitute of Europe. Personally, I think that singling out the French as the only red light nation is unfair. While it may be true that, for money, the French will sell anyone or anything - I must observe that Germany, England and America are not far behind in this practice, particularly when it comes to cashing in on nuclear and chemical weapons' sales to despots../..

Today, Jacques Chirac, the current President of France arrived in Syria (according to Reuter) and received an arranged tumultuous welcome from Syrian crowds and President Hafez al Assad. Chirac had come to collect a $250 million dollar unpaid debt owed to France for many years. Assad apparently agreed to finally pay this debt, providing France invested heavily in Syrian State projects. Since France has been one of the main culprits in selling weapons of mass destruction to Iraq and Iran - presumably this nation, who some (but not me) refer to as the prostitute of Europe, will sell nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to Syria. Once again, the German, English and American companies are not going to be left behind in this lucrative grizzly business of selling catastrophic weapons that kill thousands as a single blow.

So, as expected, Chirac not only proclaimed that Syria was correct in expecting Israel to abandon the Golan and the Lebanese Security Zone, he even (at first) refused to "honor" the Knesset with his presence - while he is addressing the Palestine National Council in Ram'Allah. Dear Reader: Are you starting to arrive at the conclusion that Vichy France is alive and well. Remember how Marshal Petain ordered his willing police to gather up the Jews for delivery to the Germans even before France genuflected to Hitler in typical French surrender. Of course, every Frenchman you may meet now proclaims how he was in the "Resistance" but the facts then and now speak for themselves.

Even a prostitute can be dangerous when her favors include betraying nations and especially Jews, as they conspire with such fanatical mass killers as Assad, Saddam Hussein, Ali Akbar Rafsanjani just as they did with Hitler. While the French may produce fine wine and charming actors, they also produced the pimps and whores such as Petain, Mitterand (who admitted his collaboration with the Vichy and therefore the Nazis) and now Chirac. At least, the French remain consistent - you can always count on them to be available if the price is right. In all fairness, there were also always good people in France. Unfortunately, at the political level, the above description of their perfidy is more often true then not.

A recent Jerusalem Post story described how Magda Trocine and her husband Andre (Pacifist Protestants) inspired the rescue of 5000 Jews by the townspeople of Le Chambon-Sur Lignon, a mountain village in the south of France. Unlike the leadership of France and most of the French people, these decent people did save Jews. So even in the Red Light District called France, there were some good French people who were not for sale. The French, in collaboration with the Germans, had deported 80,000 Jews to the Nazi death camps. But, a few decent French people will not make up for Chirac's next move. He implied that he would use the European nations through the EU (European Union) as a bargaining club to force Israeli compliance with the destructive demands of the PLO and other Arab client states, like Syria and Lebanon. Presumably, his plan includes gathering up those good nations of Europe who, like France, joined Hitler in his "Final Solution to the Jewish problem". Soon, the EU can be expected to curry favor with Assad, Saddam, et al by threatening a boycott of Israel if she will not emulate France in genuflecting to the Arabs.

Bravo to Foreign Minister David Levy, for rejecting Chirac's offer of mediation between the Jews and Arabs. Kudos also to Uzi Landau and Dan Tichon for rejecting Chirac's embarrassing snub of the Knesset by NOT speaking there, although he will address the Palestinian National Council. A brief appearance to save face is humiliating.

It's quite enough we have President Clinton bending Israel through his Jewish Arabist Dennis Ross and James Baker's representative Edward Derwijian who was former Ambassador to Syria and then Israel but is no friend of Israel. Adding the undependable French to the negotiating team further tilts the pressure of the world's nations, forcing Israel into concessions which would create a nightmare turning the light of day into a permanent black night.

On October 21, The Jerusalem Post reviewed a book by journalist Brigitte Vital-Durand entitled "Private Domain". It speaks of the French confiscating Jewish property by expelling 20,000 Jews to the death camps from the center of Paris, expropriating (stealing) 403 buildings their property. The Talmud says: "Shall one kill and also inherit?"

This horrific scandal has been kept secret since WWII. The French, including Jacques Chirac (who was Mayor of Paris for 20 years) and Prime Minister Alain Juppe, benefited from what was stolen from the Jews. This behavior is similar to what is now coming into light by the Swiss government and bankers. But, why the surprise? A pimp sells his merchandise for what price he can get. Let us not be too harsh in our judgement of the French, Mssrs. Chirac, Juppe, the Swiss, among others. After all a pimp and his whores must make a living.

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