"Where does an 800 pound gorilla sleep? Anywhere it wants!"

It is abundantly clear that one of the continuous hobbies of Israeli governments of both the left and the right is the raising and nurturing of their favorite pet gorilla, Arab nationalism -- this within the borders of Israel's controlled territory.

There was a time when this pet, weighing about 40 pounds, was sweet, cute, loveable, and manageable. Time passes and this same pet can now be considered a troublesome 200 pounder, with its own survival mechanisms, defenses and ideas of how to live and where to live. Already his habits, which differ from those of his Israeli host, are abundantly evident. The pet shows his tendency to spread himself around and take over his entire habitat, something like the troublesome frogs of Egypt.

Somehow ancient wisdom fails the Israeli host. While being warned that a wise person sees what will be born from today's actions and events, this wise word of caution falls on deaf ears as the Israeli host regularly refuses to see the consequences of today's actions and events. As the host puts out the rich food that enables his pet to thrive -- legitimacy, money, jobs, land, weapons -- he yet refuses to see the coming events that he himself has helped to bring about. Creating ridiculous universalistic concepts which affirm the right of both host and pet to the habitat they live in, the host looks forward to "the harmony" those concepts envision.

Therefore, turning a blind eye to the future, the Israeli host continues to nurture the growing "gorilla," soothing him, flattering him. He apologizes to himself for him, telling himself how "socialized" this animal is becoming in appreciation for the fine conditions the host has been providing. Like with the treatment of a favorite unruly child, the host does not ask why his pet does thus and so. Instead, when the pet shows a repeated tendency to take over the centerpiece of the habitat, the heart and crown jewel of the home, its Jerusalem, sweet words and a firm tug at the leash are used to coax the critter away, as though a tug will always suffice.

All this the Israeli host proudly accepts and brings about. The Israeli tells himself that he does this because he is certain that as a result of kindness and gentle training the pet will live in harmony with him and abandon its natural way. The illusion is that modern education can do anything, with normal gratitude doing the rest! To this, the pet keeps nodding his head. But is he nodding in agreement or just nodding?

As though a 200 pound gorilla were not problem enough, the Israeli host continues to indulge his growing pet -- a strange fixation. He is devoted to his pet, which love he egotistically parades to "prove" to himself and to the outside world his own "worthiness," to show off his own grand, universalistic, humanistic nature that can annul boundaries between animal and man. The Israeli is certain that, through such noble concepts and acts of boundary-shattering super-universalism, the world that has regarded him as a victim in search of victimhood, will come to admire and love him.

Be this as it may, the pet gorilla, sooner rather than later, will grow to his 800 pound size. Can anyone finish the rest of this story?



The "human rights" of the Arabs to destroy Israel is the only form of "human rights" allowed in the Middle East.

One half of one half of one half of a half gets to be pretty small even if it does not altogether eliminate the entity being endlessly halved. But in this compromise of halves, this compromise game, you find the Arab strategy of dealing with Israel. It works, for them.

The Jews started out with the whole of the Mandate of Palestine as the homeland of the Jewish people. It was soon divided and now is about to be divided again. Since Muslim-Arabs will not compromise -- they haven't up to now, forbidden by their Islam -- only Jews can keep the peacemaking alive by, of course, compromise -- slicing the half of the half of the half.

But to play the compromise game requires an Arab side that is also capable of accepting dividing and redividing. Thus, if the Arab side will not compromise, a division of the Arab side must be created to match the Jewish side and create the illusion of two entities willing to compromise, an Arab and a Jewish compromiser, coming together for compromise. This is why Arafat takes the pose, the fiction, of an Arab entity willing to compromise, while the more representative Arab Hamas keeps alive and intact the Muslim policy of "no compromise." The "two" Arab entities form the separate wings of one Arab body working -- successfully too, I might add -- to divide and redivide the Israeli enemy.

Obviously, the Arabs do this not because they want to live in peace with a healthy, respected Israel capable of surviving, but to move the hated Jewish entity to the point of infinitesimally small size on the way to disappearance. At each stage, there are to be found Jews "willing to compromise for peace" and, lo and behold, miracle of miracles, there is always to be found an atypical Arab entity willing to likewise compromise. This is necessary for the Arabs so that they may receive an installment of land divisions that go only one way. No sooner is compromise accepted and its fruits gained by the Arabs, the condition is set up in readiness for the rise of next batch of Arab "militants," like Hamas, bitterly denouncing the previous compromises on the way to the next compromise that some convenient Arab entity suggests it is willing to accept -- ad nauseum.

It is a fascinating game that involves a propaganda machine and clandestine agents of foreign powers infiltrating the Israeli side to ever pressure the Jewish side to go along with this scam of self annihilation. It is a powerful tactic that is cleverly crafted, making use as it does of a misapplied, grandiose, Israeli value system that features "democracy," "human rights," and "peace" that would melt Israeli defenses while they support the goals of the savage Arab enemy -- all in the name of "higher values." Even an Israeli leader who writes books on enemy tactics and terrorism seems so baffled by this "moral barrage" of values that he finds through this enemy "Jew-jitsu" that his strength is bound as he is compelled to continue to surrender to it.

Otherwise he would be educating the Israeli public to the scam and would be digging away at the 40% hard-core of Israeli utopian leftists, who see virtue in Israeli appeasement and self-destruction.

Yes! The "human rights" of the Arabs to destroy Israel -- the only "human rights" allowed in the Middle East -- are doing well indeed. The Arabs are always capable of soft-soaping, twisting, and exploiting the noble tendency of the "children of Aharon," the authentic Jewish nature, to apply it to settings in which it is misused. These are Jews who value not wisely but too well, who foolishly are willing to surrender in the name of "compromise for peace" -- a slogan without substance.

It is an illusion of peace to be purchased by Jews piece by piece in never-ending "compromises" in which the remaining half, the Jewish half only, is endlessly halved.


David Basch is an architect and city planner, who lives in Hartford. Basch, who is the Freeman Center's political philosopher is also an expert on William Shakespeare. His two books, THE HIDDEN SHAKESPEARE and SHAKESPEARE'S JUDAICA AND DEVICES, prove definitively that Shakespeare was Jewish.

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