Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Ever since Moamar Gaddafi of Libya tried and failed to buy a nuclear bomb from China to destroy Israel, the Arab and Muslim countries have tried to obtain such weapons. As one route of research the Arab nations funded Pakistan to be the development center for nuclear weapons. Pakistan was chosen because it had a good scientific research base and it was far enough out of the Middle East to make it difficult for Israel to attack pre-emptively. America threatened reprisals but Pakistan denied development and America soon sold Pakistan a wing of F16s despite non-compliance.

Then we had Saddam Hussein of Iraq developing a range of catastrophic weapons, assisted by Germany, France, England and - oh, yes, America, under the guidance of President Bush and Sec. of State Baker. For them oil was the name and oil was the game. The doom's day clock almost struck midnight when Saddam, on a false signal from Baker via Amb. April Glaspie, thought he could take Kuwait with its oil, gold and the money Saddam needed to pay off his billions in debt from the Iran-Iraq war. Fortunately, his attack was premature, as he had not yet (we think) developed an operational nuclear bomb.

The United States under various Presidents operating in either self interest or to accommodate multi-national corporations with vested interests in Arab oil, has played a dual role in all of this. On one side we have the American people who clearly understand that the Arab nations are religiously radical Islamists, especially regarding Israel. Americans are repelled by the Islamic philosophy that Islam is the only religion that may be allowed to live. Jews and Christians are not welcome.

On the other side, we have American Arabists who exert enormous financial pressure on US politicians from the President through some in Congress. They, along with an anti-Semitic State Department, have done their best to let the State of Israel be killed off, from before 1948 until today. There is an old saying: "Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind." And this the American Arabists have done as they move in and out of government like a revolving door. These greedy men have let loose the nuclear genie on the world and we may all die for that greed.

Let us focus on the reality of Iran's accumulation of nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver a nuclear warhead. For some time Iran, like Iraq, has used front companies to purchase technology and hardware, once again from such corrupt nations as Germany, France, China, North Korea, Russia, among others. Presently, Russia is more than assisting Iran's nuclear capability with thousands of Russian scientists and engineers working feverishly to complete their work before American protests grow too loud. VP Gore gently brought up the subject to Prime Minister Chernomyrdin and was rejected like an inexperienced school boy. This is reminiscent of Egypt's employment of Nazi scientists after WWII to build long range missiles to be aimed at Israel. They too denied their intentions until the German missile experts went back to Germany for fear of their lives.

The US has not been protesting too vigorously because of other treaties being negotiated with Russia. In effect, the build-up of nuclear capabilities in a radical nation, driven by religious fanatics has been relegated to a low number on the catastrophe scale. Since Israel will be the first target for Iran, what must she do to survive? A simple answer would be for Israel to pre-emptively hit Iran with the same weapons Iran intends for Israel. Naturally, a hostile world moan and groan over Israel's act of logical survival. Without a doubt, should Israel be struck first, thereby eliminating this small Jewish nation, these same countries would make solemn speeches deploring the act, while toasting each other in the cloakroom of that cesspool called the United Nations.

But, let us assume that Israel miraculously absorbs the first strike and prepares a counter-strike against Iran and all Arab countries who knew of the planned attack? What would the West do? I believe they would, in their own interests, immediately threaten Israel to NOT respond. I believe that American Arabists' interests would threaten a nuclear assault to save the Arab capitals and their oil fields. Given the intelligence gathering capabilities of the NSA (National Security Agency), they may have already known Iran's intent and time schedule. It would not be the first time that we "Americans" knew Israel was about to be attacked and withheld that intelligence from our democratic friend and ally. Clearly, warning Israel about a launch time would provoke a justifiable pre-emptive response by Israel. Better to let Israel take the first hit by a mix of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) weapons than to allow the Arabs to be pre-emptively stopped, possibly with the loss of oil fields.

I wouldn't be surprised to again see intelligence gathering ships off the coast of Israel, pumping information back to NSA, then re-bounced to Saudi Arabia or Egypt, there transferred to Iran, Syria and/or Iraq. I also wouldn't be surprised to see such nuclear missile subs, like the USS Jackson cruising just beneath the hulls of the intelligence ships ready to launch their deadly nuclear missiles.

There would be a strong possibility that Russia would be invited or invite itself to the conflagration given the fact that Iran and Syria represent big dollar markets. In brief, friend and foe alike would advise Israel to die silently for the good of all. Israel may choose to go down shooting. In fact, Israel would be well advised to notify all of the Arab nations that, on first sighting of incoming missiles, Israel will launch her missiles against all Arab capitals and oil fields. Let the Arabs begin to watch each other and become Israel's protector in their own self interest.

Each of the Arab countries has intelligence sources planted in each other's countries. They will know, clandestinely or openly, if Iran and/or Syria is about to launch an unconventional attack. They could opt to stop it or warn Israel. The US and Russia have spies in all the Arab countries and Israel. They, too, as in the past, knew of Arab war plans well in advance and chose to remain silent. This time, it will be in their financial interests to NOT keep silent.

As for Israel, they should have their nuclear missiles primed for launch at the sight of matter from friend or foe. How sad that Israel cannot trust its friends. History will tell us if the Israelis and the Jews all over the world have the guts to survive or merely become a passing memory like the mythical advanced civilization of Atlantis.

As for those nations who sell death for money, it would be only correct to insure they shared the pain. Since they benefited in many ways from selling nuclear technology to radical nations who hate Jews, then it would be propitious to see nuclear devices electronically slaved to high radiation levels in Tel Aviv which would bounce a signal to those small nukes placed in all of those cities of the nations we know are deemed responsible.

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