[Editors Note:The Clinton Administration has orchestrated an unparalleled campaign of abuse and psychological warfare against the Israeli delegation at the Wye Negotiations in Maryland. My only question, is why haven't the Israelis walked out in disgust? See report from Arutz Sheva October 18 and Monday, October 19, 1998


Arutz-7's correspondent in Washington, Kobi Sela, reports that the Americans have been exerting tremendous pressures, psychological and otherwise, on both the Prime Minister and his entourage in Wye Plantation. Most recently, they prevented Defense Minister Yitzchak Mordechai from holding a press conference upon his arrival there this afternoon. Minister Mordechai and Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon will take part in the third day of negotiations today with the Palestinians in Wye. Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to meet privately with U.S. President Clinton this afternoon.

Other examples of how the Americans view their role as hosts of the Wye Plantation summit: the room next door to Netanyahu belongs to members of the American team, inhibiting the extent to which the Prime Minister can speak freely with his associates. The Americans have also forbidden more than one person to sleep in each room, resulting in several Israeli security agents 'camping out' in sleeping bags on the floor in the corridor. In a particularly tense incident, a heated argument ensued when the Americans disrupted a private phone call of the Prime Minister's media advisor, Aviv Bushinsky.

Yesha Council Chairman Pinchas Wallerstein, also in Washington, expressed "shock" today at what he called "the Americans' orchestrated degradation of Mr. Netanyahu over the past few days." Speaking with Arutz-7 today, Wallerstein said, "One of the insults with which the Prime Minister has had to put up with occurred on Friday afternoon, when Mr. Netanyahu sent his chauffeur to pick up families of terror victims for discussions at Wye.

The Americans promptly informed the Prime Minister that he may meet with the families only outside of the Wye Plantation. The Prime Minister must realize that in Jewish law, a Jewish king cannot decline the respect due to him. Instead of remaining firm, Netanyahu agreed to meet the families in a local restaurant." Wallerstein added that the Americans forbade him and his Yesha colleague Aharon Domb from accepting the Prime Minister's invitation to spend the Sabbath at Wye. Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with Wallerstein and Domb this evening.


Arutz-7's correspondent in Washington, Kobi Sela, reports on still more examples of American degradation of the Israeli delegation at Wye. Uri Elitzur, head of the Prime Minister's Bureau, said that he felt "humiliated" by the Americans on the Sabbath, when they prevented a Torah scroll from being brought to Wye and did not enable the holding of a minyan (prayer quorum) on the Sabbath, contrary to their promises. Sela also reports that the Americans wiretap almost all of the Israelis' phone conversations, and the Israelis prefer not to use the phone lines at all.

Sela reports that the impression is that the bastion of strength against the American pressure upon the Israeli delegation at Wye is Prime Minister Netanyahu, that Defense Minister Mordechai is the weakest link, and that Foreign Minister Sharon is in the middle. Minister Sharansky is considered to be firm in demanding compliance by the Palestinians. He said that the Americans realize this, too, and that they are executing a "divide and conquer" policy of attempting to separate the Prime Minister from the others.


Selim al-Zaanoun, the chairman of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), made the following remarks in an article that appeared on October 8 of this year in the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda: "When I asked Yasser Arafat if the decision [to declare a Palestinian state] is tactical or strategic, he confirmed to me that the decision is strategic and will be carried out whether or not we achieve implementation of a 13% redeployment by the Israeli side... [Arafat] also emphasized that no meeting of the Palestinian National Council would ever again address the question of nullifying the articles of the Palestinian National Covenant." The PNC is the body authorized to amend the PLO Covenant, numerous clauses of which call for the destruction of Israel.

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