By Louis Rene Beres

"But Troy still held out, and the Greeks began to despair of ever subduing it by force, and by the advice of Ulysses resolved to resort to strategem. They pretended to be making preparations to abandon the siege, and a portion of the ships were withdrawn and lay hidden behind a neighboring island. The Greeks then constructed an immense wooden horse, which they gave out was intended as a propitiatory offering to Minerva, but in fact was filled with armed men".......... Bulfinch's MYTHOLOGY

We all remember how this story ends. The remaining Greeks take to their ships, sailing away as if for a final departure. The Trojans, seeing the Greek encampment broken up and the fleet gone, conclude that the enemy has abandoned the siege. The gates of Troy are thrown open, and the whole population bursts forth to rejoice. As for the great horse, Laocoon - the priest of Neptune - warns insightfully: "What madness, citizens, is this. Have you not learned enough of Grecian fraud to be on your guard against it?"

But the good citizens of Troy are in no mood for prudence. Regarding the great wooden horse as a sacred object, it is brought into the city with reverence and solemnity. During the night, the armed men enclosed in the horse, after being released by a traitor named Sinon, open the gates of Troy to the main body of Greek forces, which has returned under cover of darkness. The city is set on fire, the people - who have been overcome with complaisance - are all put to the sword. Troy is completely destroyed.

How can Israel fail to heed the story of ancient Troy? It is very much the story of present-day Israel, especially after Wye River. Ignoring that the Oslo Accords were conceived, from the start, as an enemy "Trojan Horse," the Netanyahu Government, much in the fashion of its immediate predecessors, is still enchanted by "gifts." Indeed, whenever Arafat and the Palestine Authority agree, yet again, to "re-start the peace talks," this Government in Jerusalem, always yearning to please "The Americans," gives away a little more Israeli ground. In return it receives a snarling promise from the PA murderers and their Hamas accomplices that they will temporarily cease to murder. This is what is called "peace."

Although much of Israel's current predicament is certainly the result of its renewed worship of a Golden Calf, of its betrayal of basic Zionist precepts, the final death blow to the Third Commonwealth will likely issue forth from the contemporary equivalent of a seemingly innocuous and ungilded Wooden Horse. For Israel, the Oslo Accords, a jurisprudential Trojan Horse, remain an almost sacred object. Promising an end to the fearful prospect of protracted war, these agreements are still treated with widespread reverence and respect. Officially, at least, they are the subject of endless and widespread legal scrutiny on the presumption that the other side shares Israel's basic commitment to "peace." So the Prime Minister sips real lemonade in shirtsleeves at Wye River, supporting a pitiful President of the United States as he undermines his own country.

The Palestinian side shares absolutely nothing with the State of Israel, least of all a common commitment to nonbelligerence. For the Palestine Authority, aided and abetted by virtually all other Arab states, by certain non-Arab Islamic countries and by a hopelessly confused Clinton Administration, Oslo is merely the optimal means to achieve what it can not yet achieve via frontal military assault. For the PA, Oslo is a blissfully inexpensive way to open the gates of a despised enemy and to fulfil the uncompromising expectations of Jihad.

After the assassination of terrorist Yechya Ayyash, known generally as "The Engineer," Yasser Arafat delivered a eulogy in Dura, near Hebron. There, Nobel Laureate Arafat - killer of American diplomats Cleo A. Noel Jr. and George Curtis Moore - praised all Palestinian "martyrs," including those who had murdered Israeli and American women and children in schools, buses and homes. As for coexistence with Israel, Arafat said explicitly:

"You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews." Before Palestinian "security" forces on September 24, 1996, he urged that "they fight for Allah, and ... kill and be killed....Palestine is our land and Jerusalem is our capital."

Wye River was a place of sacrifice, but not for Yasir Arafat. The Trojan Horse was seemingly a Greek sacrificial offering to Minerva (or so the Greeks would have had the Trojans believe), but was in actuality the means to bloody sacrifice of the Trojans. So, too, the PA would have Israel believe that it is embarked upon a sacrifice of Palestinians when, in reality, its violent path points purposely to the massive sacrifice of Jews.

The Oslo Trojan Horse is filled with armed men. The Trojans were deceived because they were not wary of an enemy bearing gifts. Will Israel after Wye River learn from ancient Troy? If so, it will first need to understand that Oslo is not a gift, but a cursed Trojan Horse.


LOUIS RENE BERES was educated at Princeton (Ph.D., 1971) and is Professor of International Law at Purdue University. His work on Israeli security matters is known widely in Israeli political, military and intelligence circles. He is Strategic and Military Affairs Analyst for THE JEWISH PRESS and THE MACCABEAN. The only son of Austrian Jewish survivors, he was born in Switzerland in 1945.


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