By Ruth and Nadia Matar

The Israel Government Press Office has recently released a list of over 20 separate Arab attacks on Jews since September of this year. During Wye these attacks continued uninterrupted, and sadly, they are with us even after Wye. President Clinton and his Secretary of State Albright may be willing to deal with the murderer Arafat and his followers and paint them white; however, Arafat's responsibility for the blood of Jewish children at Maalot, and the continuous spilling of Jewish blood, before and after that massacre of children, is all too clear. Such murders create a vivid picture for all objective people of what Arafat's true nature is. It further boggles the mind why President Clinton, who has supposedly declared war on terrorism, chooses to ignore the fact that Arafat played an integral role in the unpunished killing of United States Ambassador to Sudan, Cleo Noel, and his deputy George Moore. Moreover, in Lebanon, it was Arafat's "guerrillas" who were reportedly implicated in the bomb blast that killed 250 American soldiers.

Arafat, the chosen "peace partner", demonstrates his virulent hatred of the Jewish People and Israel through the Palestinian Authority's school texts, and its propaganda in its tightly controlled media. In his speech at the Wye signing, Arafat praised, and refused to denounce in Arabic or otherwise, the suicide bombers and their bomb makers. President Clinton did not, nor did Wye, make Arafat honor his obligations under Oslo to turn over the murders of Jews who are within the areas he controls, and who go unpunished to date. Arafat magnanimously condescends, with pressure on Israel from Clinton, to take a present of more of the Promised Land from the Jews. Arafat promises again to fight terrorism; all of his promises in the past have proven to be utterly worthless. The same carpet is being sold by him once again to the gullible, who think they have no choice but to believe Arafat. Netanyahu doesn't realize, even now, that he is no match for Arafat at the bargaining table!

It is indisputable that Hamas, Fatah, Arafat and the PLO all have expressed the same goal to destroy Israel; they only differ as to how to best realize the "final solution." No other People in the long history of mankind has ever given up parts of their ancient homeland, and obtained a "true peace" thereby. President Clinton's pressing for a quick peace may well have other motives besides Israel's welfare. Giving over more land to Arafat, only creates more havens of refuge for Arab killers, and does not bode well for Israel's peaceful future.

In the final analysis Wye won't work, because the nature of the beast is Arafat. When he is the pillar on which an Agreement rests, any sought after peace will rapidly sink into a quicksand of terror.


Ruth and Nadia Matar are founders and co-chairpersons of WOMEN FOR ISRAEL'S TOMORROW (WOMEN IN GREEN) Jerusalem, October 28, 1998

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