Reprinted from HA'ARETZ Friday, October 30, 1998


By Nadav Shragai

Right wingers from the extra-parliamentary Ma'amatz group and settlers from Gush Katif demonstrated last night outside the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem to protest against the terror attack in Gush Katif and when Kach activists began shouting "Bibi is a traitor," the protest leaders ordered them to leave.

About 100 settlers from Gush Katif attended the demonstration, which called for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom they branded a liar. Hagi Ben Artzi, brother of Sarah Netanyahu held his own private demonstration against his brother-in-law yesterday outside the official residence. He brought along a photo of his children, claiming that the prime minister was endangering the lives of his own nephews. Ben Artzi claimed that senior army commanders have told the residents of his West Bank settlement, Bet El, that the Jelazun refugee camp, which borders on Bet El, would soon become part of Area A.

"Now we can be shot at in Bet El," he said, "just like the residents of Hebron's Abu Sanina quarter can fire at the Jewish settlers there [in Hebron]." The demonstrators last night distributed copies of a letter they received from a group of American rabbis who warned that the Wye agreement is a violation of Jewish law because it "calls for the transfer of a large part of the Land of Israel to the hands of non-Jews who are also the enemies of the Jewish people." The letter from the rabbis strongly urged the cabinet not to ratify the agreement and said that if the agreement is ratified early elections must be called.

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