Hebron-Past, Present and Forever -- October 29, 1998


By David Wilder

This morning it happened again. Another show of support for the 'piece process.' Many times I explain to people how much miracles play a part in our lives. Today's attack is a classic example. At about 7:45 a bus and minivan left Kfar Darome in Gush Katif for the area school in Atzmona. Children from first grade to ninth grade were on bus. The vehicles travel as a convoy, with an army jeep in front of them and behind them. A few minutes later, the first IDF jeep spotted a car with Arab license plates on the other side of the road, coming towards the buses. The driver immediately swerved into the middle of the road, blocking the path of the oncoming car, placing himself between the car and the bus. The car ran into the jeep and exploded, the bomb being ignited by an electric signal. One of the soldiers in that jeep was killed and three other Israelis were injured, one seriously. According to military sources, the swift action taken by the army driver saved the children in the bus, for the bus was the terrorist's target. The car contained dozenes of kilograms of explosives.

Talk about miracles.

There is an addition to the story. Israeli soldiers noticed three Arabs running from the scene of the attack. They ran after them and in doing so, entered the 'autonomous' area controlled by Arafat. Arab 'police' - soldiers, seeing the Israeli soldiers, started shooting at them. An Arab was hit by their gunfire. The Israeli soldiers were ordered to return to the Israeli side of the border to prevent an escalation of violence between themselves and the Arabs. This, in spite of the fact that they were chasing Arabs most likely involved in the terrorist attack.

This is the second terrorist attack this week. Only a few days ago a young Kiryat Arba man was murdered by a terrorist who had already killed - having shot Itamar Doron in Jerusalem a week and a half before. According to articles published today in the Israeli press, the killer, a Hebron resident, was positively identified immediately after Doron was killed. Israel passed on this information to 'Palestinian intelligence forces' who did not apprehend the terrorist until after he had killed another Jew, Danny Vargas, two days ago.

Still Israel marches to the beat of the 'piece train.' What about these much-discussed 'Why' accords? There are no lack of contradictions in this document, which give Arafat another 27% of Judea and Samaria on a silver platter. There is one point though, that should be crystal clear. This 'agreement' will be valid for, at most, six months. Even if, for some unimaginable reason, Arafat decided to fulfill his obligations, he would only have to do so for a maximum of half a year.

Why? It's very simple. Arafat has announced that on May 4 he will declare a Palestinian state. The chances that he will change his mind are very very slim. So let's say that tomorrow he actually collects illegal weapons, reduces the size of his police-soldier force, and stops all incitement, as required by the Why agreement. Is he still obligated to do this after his declaration of statehood? After all, statehood encompasses sovereignty. He will undoubtedly decide that, as a State, he needs a real, declared army. Who is to stop him? Will anyone be able to determine the size of his armed force? After he has received everything he so desires from Israel, why shouldn't he incite? What incentive will there be to prevent it?

And what about the security provisions? What guarantee does Israel have that following May 4, 1999 Arafat will 'fight terror'? Mr. Prime Minister?

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