Excerpts from ISRAEL WATCH, the New York Post OPINION - October 17, 1999


By David Bar-Illan

...And today the only regimes that officially and openly promote and propagate anti-Semitism are not in Europe but in the Middle East. In Syria, Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass prides himself on a book he wrote about how Jews use the blood of Christian children in Passover matzahs. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and the anti-Semitic Czarist forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are the best sellers there, as they are in the rest of the Arab world.

In Egypt's official press, Jews are caricatured the way they were in Hitler's Der Sturmer: as slimy, hook-nosed, greedy, malevolent monsters whose blood-drenched tentacles control the world's power centers. And all the sickening anti-Semitic canards - from holocaust denial to equating Jews with Nazis and charging Israeli scientists with spreading AIDS among Arabs - are featured regularly in the mainstream press.

Egypt's anti-Semitic themes are faithfully parroted in the controlled Palestinian media. . . The Palestinian media also consistently deny the historic connection between the Jews and Jerusalem and the right of the Jews to nationhood. Even more troubling is the anti-Semitic incitement in Palestinian schoolbooks. A recent study of 140 Palestinian textbooks . . . shows that anti-Semitism is all-pervasive in Palestinian texts. Jews are invariably depicted as robbers, aggressors, wild animals, locusts and treacherous cheats who have faked their history and stole Palestinian land. Nowhere in the Palestinian texts is there a single mention of the State of Israel or the peace agreements. The list of the world's countries in the standard Palestinian geography book omits Israel, but a state named Palestine whose capital is Jerusalem is included. No Palestinian maps ever mention Israel. All the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean is "occupied Palestine," to be liberated in holy war.

. . . This kind of brainwashing in the media and the classroom cannot be viewed merely as a gross violation of all Arab-Israel agreements. It is a calculated, all-encompassing indoctrination campaign, in preparation for war.


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