A Voice from Hebron -- October 14, 1999

"Gentlemen cry Peace, Peace,
but there is no Peace"

By Gary M. Cooperberg

That Prime Minister Barak has indicated his intentions to uproot Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria, including the Hebron area, is no surprise. What is most bitterly upsetting and disappointing is the willingness of alleged religious and nationalistic Members of Knesset to accept any form of territorial concessions. It is bad enough that we have foolish secularists who deceive themselves into believing that peace will result from appeasing the likes of Arafat. But when observant Jews can lend legitimacy to the surrender of Jewish land to our enemies by suggesting that such treason might, in some unexplained manner, promote peace, it is time for all of us to tear our clothing and cry out to the heavens that our people open their eyes.

Read my lips: THERE IS NO PEACE PROCESS!!! All that is happening is that the Israeli government is surrendering to the PLO in stages. There is no enmity between the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Egypt, Syria or even Jordan. All of them seek the destruction of the Jewish State. Some have gotten smart enough to pretend to love us, and most do not even pretend. We Jews, on the other hand, do nothing but pretend. We pretend that by surrendering to and strengthening our enemies, they will cease their plans to destroy us. We all know that this is nothing but fantasy, but we prefer pleasant fantasy to bitter truth.

What is the alternative? The alternative to self destruction is self preservation. The only country in world history which has succeeded in suppressing the most basic instinct to survive has been the Jewish State. There is no choice between war or peace. The choice is either we will fight a war on our enemies' terms, after we have greatly weakened ourselves; or we will fight to defend ourselves from a position of strength. There is no general in the world (outside of Israel) that would advise a strategy of surrender from a position of strength. Yet this is exactly what we have been doing and continue to do.

To date there really is no such thing as peace on earth. It amazes me that so many people actually think that Israel will achieve this utopian goal by trying to appease terror. The United States has peace only because it is a strong military and economic entity. Would one as much as consider that the United States would embark upon a peace process with Mexico by offering territory in Texas for peace? Hebron is not "territory". Hebron is the basis for which we have claim to the Land of Israel. It was in Hebron that G-d Promised our Father, Abraham, that the Land of Israel would be our eternal inheritance. How dare any Jew, for any reason and at any price, for one second consider spitting in the face of our G-d and give our inheritance to strangers, even were they not murderous enemies?

There is no such thing as an "illegal settlement" in the Land of Israel unless it was established by Arabs. There is not one shred of hope to achieve peace by rejecting our birthright. It is Barak and his government, including Shas, who are guilty of precipitating the biggest war this country ever faced should they agree to dismantle even one Jewish home or army base in any part of the Land of Israel.

This is not a battle between the government and the alleged "right wing extremists". This is a challenge to the safety and security of the Jewish People all over the world. It is a challenge to all G-d fearing people. The miracle of the rebirth of the Jewish State after two thousand years of exile is no accident. It is the beginning of redemption. Redemption is a G-dly process which cannot be stopped. But all who participate in efforts to thwart it, or refrain from actively trying to stop those efforts, are guilty of bringing tragedy upon themselves and their nation.

By any measure, be it religious or even simple logic, it is a grave error to surrender to terror. To give away one grain of Jewish soil to even nice people, not only will not bring peace, rather will hasten the war being planned by all of our "peace partners" to wipe the Jewish State off the map. It is bad enough that such plans are being made. But it is more than criminal that Jews can allow themselves to be duped into thinking that they will achieve peace by holding a knife to their own throats.

Reprinted from The Jerusalem Post of October 24, 1999

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