A Response to AIPAC's pro-funding Talking Points

By Helen Freedman, Executive Director, AFSI

The mistaken argument that the U.S. "must live up to its commitments" in funding the $1.9 billion Wye aid package is fundamentally flawed because the U.S. never made such a commitment. In our democratic country, a promise from President Clinton, without prior consultation with the Congress, is not a U.S. commitment. As Congressman Sonny Callahan said, "The President has an insatiable desire to give away American money every time Mr. Clinton raises his glass of wine to some king with a turban."

The argument that "Israel is already incurring the high costs and security burdens of Wye," points out precisely where the poison lies in the Wye agreement. If this were truly a "peace" agreement to which Israel grudgingly acquiesced, there would be no need for the "security burdens." These "burdens" include the financing of by-pass roads, by-pass tunnels, electronic surveillance equipment, and fences that would turn Jewish communities into mini-ghetto armed fortresses. The "separation" that Barak calls for, in effect another Berlin Wall, has proven itself unworkable.

The fallacious claim that "there is an unprecedented opportunity to move the peace process forward" belies the fact that there has been NO reciprocity on the part of the Arabs as spelled out from the very first 1993 Oslo accord. True peace progress would not have to contend with the 40,00-50,000 illegal weapons owned by any Arab who wishes to have one, although every accord between Israel and Arafat calls for confiscation.

The so-called "peace" has brought nothing but terror and economic warfare to Israel. The hate-filled rhetoric of the Arabs, and the deliberate programming of educating Arab children to hate Jews and Israel, is a formula for war, not peace.

Finally, the Wye funding is only a prelude to the $20 billion tab for transfer of Jews from the Golan. This money was also promised, without Congressional authorization, by President Clinton. We maintain that if Israel chooses to take perilous "risks for peace," American taxpayers should not foot the bill, and certainly not at the expense of Social Security trust funds.

Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI), the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies, the Christian Israel Public Affairs Committee (CIPAC) and millions of pro-Israel Jews and Christians nationwide oppose President Bill Clinton's plan to provide U.S. taxpayer dollars to implement the Wye Agreement. If he succeeds here he will attempt to get $20 billion to pay for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Golan Heights. None of this has the slightest chance of helping Israel or making her more secure. It is the path of appeasement and self-destruction.


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