By Ruth and Nadia Matar

[Jerusalem, October 26, 1999] The Barak government has no shame. Barak has completely abandoned the long held Zionist orientation of the majority of his People and has chosen instead as his criterion: "acceptance by the Goyim". By acting in this manner, Barak indeed may win Carville and Clinton's favor; however, he will be taking a course of action opposed to the beliefs and faith of his forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in their and our Promised Land.

Barak has cleverly maneuvered Yesha to do his dirty work through the facade of a so-called "compromise agreement" with them. To make him appear as one who is intent on moving the "peace process" forward, he has arbitrarily determined that certain "settlements" have to be dismantled. Among those to be removed is the small community of MITZPEH KRAMIM, located to the north of Jerusalem. Yossi Sarid, Barak's "Jewish" Education Minister, correctly points out that it isn't the size of the removal that is important, rather it is the establishment of the principle of removal. So it is that the eight families of MITZPEH KRAMIM, including their eighteen small children, are scheduled by Barak to be forcibly evacuated from their homes.

MITZPEH KRAMIM is not a camp of makeshift buildings. It is an established community whose members by their blood, sweat and tears have made a previously unoccupied barren area flourish. They acted in the finest Zionist tradition of upbuilding our homeland. Never mind that these homes were built with the full cognizance and consent of the Israel Defense Forces, the Ministry of Defense, the Jewish Agency and the Civil Administration. Barak has ruled otherwise. They must go.

The same Education Minister, Yossie Sarid, has previously hypocritically told us that an order of transfer is "illegal" and should not be obeyed. He wrote that in an article several years ago in Yediot Achronot. He was referring to the transfer of Arabs, but the principle involved is exactly the same. Barak's Minister of Education educates our children that transfer of Arabs is illegal yet transfer of Jews is permissible. Barak has apparently adopted this intolerable and prejudiced view of Sarid.

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