By Yisrael Medad

According to an item published in the Makor Rishon weekly, Aryeh Stav, editor of the bi-monthly Nativ Magazine, is planning a February 2000 issue devoted to the acceptance of Israel in the Arab World.

He wrote to 120 researchers and academics, all of them identified as holding leftist opinions, and presented them with his own pessimistic outlook that Israel, despite all its peace efforts, has not been accepted within the Arab Middle East. He requested that they contribute to the issue articles proving the opposing thesis, that Israel is being accepted. Stav also asked Shimon Peres to contribute an article in this vein.

The Nativ editorial board also wrote to such leftwing institutions such as the Jaffe Center, the Van Leer Institute, Beit Berl and Givat Chaviva. They were asked to contribute papers proving a moderation towards Israel in the Arab World.

Not one of the above has replied nor has any research paper been received.

Stav claims that indeed no one can prove the thesis of moderation and acceptance. Since the Oslo Process began the Arab World has adopted more extreme positions vis-a-vis Israel, including classic antisemitic stands such as the appearance as a best seller in Ramallah of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'.

Makor Rishon, October 15, 1999, Weekly Roundup

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