"It takes a crooked man to walk a crooked mile"


by Emanuel A. Winston

After Congress voted down the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, President Clinton, as expected, lashed out wildly and vetoed the Foreign Aid bill in retribution. Clinton has shown a familiar vindictive mean streak (long known in Washington) which is well in sync with his lack of moral character. What Clinton wanted in both bills was a boost to his now embarrassingly low place in history.

Regrettably, the Republicans, although they knew this Treaty's defects, were not able to explain in plain terms why they voted down the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty nor why they reduced the Foreign Aid package by $2 Billion dollars.

What was NOT released, although it was well known by Clinton, was the fact that a series of prior treaties such as SALT I and II and later agreements with the Chinese were similarly deeply flawed allowing a dangerous and unilateral advancement in weapons' development and deployment. When the Soviets and later the Chinese broke these agreements, for political purposes the U.S. remained silent. Then, as now, the political fallout in the U.S. for this failure was too great to admit. The US, as the high profile partner, had to allow its hands to remain tied while one so-called partner broke the rules with impunity.

Clinton's Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was a tangle of unverifiable mandates which made Clinton look good in the media while U.S. security was eroded. Hopefully, the Republicans will issue a 'White Paper' detailing the flaws of this Treaty. This 'White Paper' should also show that the failures in past a greements have, until now, remained hidden behind a smoke cloud of various Presidents' political self-interest. This President had the advantage of hind sight but, instead, chose to advance a poorly drafted Treaty to benefit his personal political stature while again tying America's hands.

In October 1998, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy clearly pointed out that President Clinton had already launched a program to politicize and dumb down the CIA so whatever intelligence emerged aligned itself with the position of Clinton's foreign policy. Clinton's position that Ballistic Missiles would not threaten the U.S. for at least fifteen years is consistent with his demand for a an unenforceable flawed Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of today. While Clinton was emasculating America's Intelligence capability, he did the same with Israel. Presently, Clinton, pressured Israel who also dumbed down its own intelligence and virtually destroyed her network of agents relying instead upon Palestinian Intelligence.

The Foreign Aid Bill had certain exclusions mandated by Congress - and rightly so. Here too, Clinton played fast and loose with public funds to erase or at least obscure 8 years of scandal. Clinton has not spoken about the $400 million he promised to Arafat in this present bill - despite the fact that previous payments of $500 million in American taxpayers' dollars to Arafat's corrupt dictatorship have purchased nothing more than virtual non-compliance with Arafat's treaty commitments. Clinton simply didn't care that the money was wasted and agreements were broken.

Even Arafat own people have attacked the total corruption of his reign, knowing that he has put most of the donors' funds into his own private bank accounts. Very little of this money reached the Palestinian people and Clinton knew this but he still insisted that Congress approve what amounted to an outright bribe to his close friend, Arafat. Congress was correct in excising these dollars from the Foreign Aid bill despite the phony cries of the Democrats that peace was in jeopardy. (I cannot help but wonder if any of this money will ever be found back in America as were the billions that were given to Russia that also floated back into the U.S.A.)

Congress believes that Clinton's plan to pay for an Israeli withdrawal was not a good idea. It would leave a power vacuum and result in a huge security risk for Israel. So, like the funds slated for Arafat, Congress voted to exclude those funds the Prime Minister wanted to dismantle and rebuild security positions after Israel surrenders vital land, water, holy sites, homes and farms. This entire infrastructure, now to be dismantled, provided an invaluable barrier to what is already evolving into another radical Islamist State which, in linkage with Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Libya will destabilize the entire region, and put the Middle East oil reserves under the control of regimes hostile to the West.

Clinton can devise a disastrous foreign policy for our ally, Israel, in the name of dubious peace, but Congress must agree to provide the funds and has so far refused. Congress, wisely, read the dangerous situation developing on the ground and properly voted against those funds in order to halt Israel's withdrawal which Clinton promised Arafat.

In a typical vindictive swing, Clinton vetoed the entire Foreign Aid package, but not without a backup plan. Bill Clinton is now expected to pull a fast trick just before Congress is to break for a recess October 28. Clinton will try to ram through a last minute Bill or deal to restore the cuts. To do this he must offer the Bill (probably through a Democratic Senator) by means of some subterfuge and avoid any discussion or floor debate by Congress. Part of this process was to attack the Republicans trying to make them the spoilers and force them to swallow a compromise and restore the cut.

Clinton must add $400 million more American tax-payers' dollars for Arafat and $1.2 Billion for Wye but without time for Congressional review and simply allow it to slide through as if unnoticed if the Republicans agree to be stepped on and look beaten. Clinton has already requested that Ehud Barak send a four man team from Israel to lobby Congress and the Jewish organizations to pressure Congress into restoring the reduced aid package. Clinton/Carville are preparing a misleading media package, blaming the Republican Congress for defying his will on what is deceptively called his "Peace Plan"...unless the Republicans capitulate.

Behind what will be a vicious and misleading attack will be a vintage Bill Clinton, smiling and presenting the good fellow image with his crooked little chin crinkled up in his "Aw, Shucks!" pose. Al Gore will be forced to tail along behind, babbling about the ultimate good of peace and peace treaties (no matter if it destroys a fellow democracy, Israel).

Check out Tommy Friedman's article in the October 20th NEW YORK TIMES. He turns truth on its head - as usual. Although it was Clinton who vetoed the Foreign Aid Bill which included a generous foreign aid package for Israel but eliminated $300 Million for Russia because of her misuse and embezzlement of prior funds, Friedman cast the blame on a Republican Congress.

All these Machiavellian machinations are reminiscent of the children's poem:

"It takes a crooked man to walk a crooked mile...."

Congress must remain alert and prepared for the last minute trick and simply reject the "Crooked Offer from a Crooked Man who walked that Crooked Mile!."


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator and also a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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