By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

It is unbelievable how quickly the criticism has come, both from inside as well as outside of Israel, against Ariel Sharon, as if he is the one responsible for the wanton destruction and violence that has erupted all over the land of Israel, just because he as opposition leader wanted to visit the most holy place of Judaism on one of the high holy days of the Jews.

How would British people react if their Buckingham Palace or the St. Paul's Cathedral had been taken over by invading Muslims who by building four Mosques around these places as the Muslims have done on Israel's most holy and important place - would henceforth claim Buckingham Palace as their sole property being unwilling to even allow the British to visit their own historical royal residential site or bar them from even praying at St. Paul's Cathedral?!

Would there not be an outcry in Britain especially when on a British high holiday a leader of the Conservative opposition party would finally muster enough courage to visit one of these sites at a moment that a present Chamberlain-like British government would be willing to forfeit sovereignty over these two historic British places in order to placate the increasingly violent and dangerous Muslim population in England.

Would also then the BBC scold the British Conservative leader for even daring to want to visit Buckingham Palace or St. Paul's, as they did Sharon!


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