Jerusalem, October 3, 2000


By Nadia and Ruth Matar

Ariel Sharon is to be commended. Visiting the Temple Mount on the eve of Rosh Hashana was a timely and intelligent move. It is a refreshing bit of leadership, something this Country needs desperately. True, it should have been done long ago. In that way, the intolerance towards other religions that many Arabs clearly demonstrate, including Arafat and his band of terrorists, would have been revealed to the whole world. Better late than never!

That is a significant difference between Sharon and Barak. Barak is hopelessly secular, without a trace of a spiritual connection to the God of Israel or the religious nature of his homeland. So is the Communist indoctrinated Ephraim Sneh, Barak's defense assistant and "apologist", whose father led the Israel Communist Party for many years. Barak is preparing to share Jerusalem with the terrorist murderer Arafat.Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount, from time immemorial, have always been sacred to the Jewish People. Sharon's decision to visit this sacred site, contrasts sharply with Barak's immoral hosting of Arafat at his own home. Arafat daily teaches hatred and violence against the Jews in his schools and in his media, despite the fact that he readily and continuously signs Agreements to the contrary.

The sad crew of Barak, Beilin, and Ben Ami is pitiful. Each of them has no appreciation of, or loyalty to, their magnificent Jewish Tradition, and Heritage. They present a picture of helplessness and weakness to everyone in their handling of the present Arab riots. Their off-note chorus has been joined by the hypocritical U.S. State Department, led by the self-denying Jewess, Albright, putting the blame on Sharon for the unprovoked Arab terrorist attacks. The Arabs, of course, are using the same typical false claims that their holy place on the Jewish Temple Mount, the Al Aqsa Mosque, is threatened with attack by the Jews. The world, CNN and the Israeli immoral and irreligious Left, are willing to promulgate this garbage. Over the years, distorting the news always has been "fair game," when it comes to Jews.

What about the basic concept of freedom of religion, which everyone agrees is vital to any society? That fundamental value is one of the bedrocks on which the U.S. democratic society was founded. Who among the media dare point out that the Jews have at least the same right as the Arabs to worship on their historical Temple Mount in their own Jewish Homeland? A review of Jewish Prayer Books over the centuries will reveal that for over three thousand years that Holy Site has been the spiritual focus of the Jewish Religion. It is groundless, and an attempt to avoid the merits of the real issue involved, to blame Arik Sharon and other Members of the Knesset of this Jewish State, for visiting the Temple Mount. What more appropriate and natural act is there? It should have been done by Jewish leaders of this nation from the very outset in 1967, when the miracle of its recapture first took place. Do not the Baraks, Beilins, and Ben Amis realize that their cowering concessions won't satisfy Arafat, nor his Arab supporters? The inescapable conclusion is that the lack of national, and spiritual feelings of such "Jewish" leaders, is a national tragedy.

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