Jerusalem, September 18, 2000


By Ruth and Nadia Matar

The latest stabbing by young Arabs of Jewish residents of Neve Yaacov in Jerusalem is the certain forerunner of greater tragedies throughout the country in the future, unless our Jewish leadership musters up the necessary courage to take appropriate, swift, and decisive action. Ehud Barak has been ominously silent throughout these and similar developments, and by his patent inaction and "looking away", should be held fully responsible for these and future tragedies.

Daily we hear and read about the Palestinian Authority's hostility and hatred towards Jews and Israel. They persist in this approach in their world wide propaganda and at the UN, but also in their radio and television broadcasts to the Arab population. We know that this hostility and hatred is presently being taught to Arab youngsters in the Arab school system. There they teach that Israel has no right to exist. It certainly does not exist in any map of the area from which they learn. Yet we ignore these unpleasant and disturbing facts, and continue on with the illusory "peace process" notwithstanding. The illogical rationale given to us is that "we have no other alternative."

Daily we read of the treasonous activity of Arab Members of the Knesset, and their murderous incitement of their fellow Arabs to spill Jewish blood. Yet a vocal minority of "liberal" Jews spring to the defense of these Arabs, led by some in our own Media, and especially writers in HaAretz. They attempt to whitewash the traitorous actions of these Knesset Members by ludicrously claiming it to be an integral part of their" fundamental right of free speech."

When we finally hear the courageous voice of Alik Ron, the Police Commander of the Northern District, it is like a breath of fresh air. He arrested 45 Israeli Arabs who planned to attack targets in Israel, and urges the investigation of an Arab MK who is actively engaged in inciting Israeli Arabs to shed Jewish blood. The Israeli press and radio, however, attack not these Arabs, nor their uncritical Arab communities in which they live, but, amazingly, only Alik Ron. What is distasteful is that no one in this present Government, which depends on the Arab vote for its survival, and certainly not Ehud Barak, has either the courage or the proper perspective to come out publicly in support of Police Commander Ron.

It is shortsighted and timid of this Barak Government to continue to bury its head in the sand, and to cast a blind eye to the acts of violence, incitement, espionage, and traitorous activity of a large segment of the Arab population. In failing to deal with this problem, Barak is patently and seriously remiss.


Ruth and Nadia Matar
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