By Bernard J. Shapiro

The current violence in Israel related to the Temple Mount is, of course, totally unnecessary. It is a direct result of Israel's neglect of its sovereign rights there. The riots and the IDF response has been pitiful. Riots like we are seeing now should be crushed with the minimum of restraint. Barak brags that he uses maximum restraint, a policy perfect for Arab propaganda and media bias. One should bear in mind the old Jewish saying: "If you are merciful to the cruel, you will end up being cruel to the merciful."

We respectfully present our plan to sole this tragedy:

1. The Temple Mount is the holiest of all Jewish sites and should visited daily by government officials and everyday citizens as befits a sovereign country.

2. The Islamic Waqf will not be happy with this arrangement and should therefore be thrown off the Mount. Full Israeli control should be instituted.

3. Jewish antiquities should be fully protected. and illegal construction stopped.

4. Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount should be stored.

5. Maximum military force to crush anyone who attacks Jews or IDF soldiers.

6. No more policy of moderation with Arafat. When he unlocks terrorism, a ton of sanctions should land on his head including rabid building YESHA.

Apparently Albright has summoned Barak and Arafat to Paris to try to stop the violence. Barak will under tremendous pressure to give up Jewish rights to the Mount. He should agree to NOTHING. The violence can be stopped with one word from Arafat and he should not be rewarded by this bloodletting. These riots indicate the direction of the Arabs in asserting their control of the Jewish Temple Mount. We should dedicate ourselves to prevent this and save our holiest site for Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael for all future time and every future generation.

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