Subj: Congrats! FREEMAN CENTER

Date: 9/10/2002 6:17:37 PM Central Daylight Time


FYI, the Freeman site has a Google ranking of "7" according to my Google Toolbar (see http://toolbar.google.com). This number is based on the number and "quality" of links to a web page from other pages in Google's index. Very roughly, a page is a "4" if it has 1-10 links to it, a "5" if it has 11-100 links to it, a "6" if it has 101-1000 links to it, a "7" if it has 1001-10,000 links to it and so on. (These numbers are actually only approximations, since as I said "quality" of links matters as well.)

A very low percentage of web pages are 7 or better, perhaps 1% or less. Since a page with a good Google rank will tend to be ranked closer to the top of the search results for a search at Google, this means that the Freeman home page has a big advantage over 99% of the web sites out there, and probably even more of the Israel-related ones. Congratulations! This means more site traffic to the Freeman Center.

On a related note, there has been more traffic to the site since July, possibly because of this increase in the Google ranking. We should keep an eye on the bandwidth usage at the site by checking the reports at http://www.freeman.org/io-reports/ . I think we are ok for now but if you get billed for going over your bandwidth allocation please tell me immediately.


Freeman Center Webmaster
Excellence Internet Services


Subj: Your article re: lack of shame for blame

Date: 8/18/2002 2:56:13 PM Central Daylight Time

This email has been sent by Reni Roberts to the Freeman Center webmaster via the WWW:

You are to be congratulated for stating facts as they are without the hypocrisy of shame for self defense. Keep up the good work and spread the word.

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