By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The Arab nations continue to whine and complain that America has unfairly deprived them of their victory over Israel since 1948. Somehow, in their fertile imagination where Arabs wander about in their fantasy land, they believe they are not to blame for losing six wars of intended annihilation to their hated enemy, the Jews. They claim that "It wasn't the Jews who met each attack with courage and fighting skills that beat them on the field of battle." Clearly, 'they' didn't lose to the despised Jews who, for centuries the Arab Muslims had designated as lowly habitants of most Arab lands. If it wasn't the Jews, who in the Arabs' fables and imagination were weak and cowardly, it must have been America, who they call "The Great Satan" that defeated them.

So, the Arabs, as is their custom, invented new realities and history. They, the Arabs, were not fighting a small number of Jews, who sent them running from the field of battle. It was those dastardly Americans. Being beaten by a Superpower is acceptable to their testicle-driven pride and, therefore, there is no shame in being beaten by a Superpower.

Note! At this point a bit of reality and history is called for. Not only did the Americans not assist Israel in 1948 but America, along with Europe, embargoed arms shipments to Israel. She had to scrounge the junkyards of Europe to accumulate obsolete arms that dated back often to WWI and the cast-offs of WWII. It was long after that Israel was allowed to "buy" arms, using monies contributed by Jews in America. The Jews of Europe, having been killed off by Hitler's Nazis who were assisted by most European nations, could not contribute. Any property the survivors might have previously owned, had been confiscated by the occupying Nazis and their European collaborators. Their assets had been grabbed by Hitler, the French, the Swiss, the Ukrainians - etc. Well, it's all there in the well-researched books about WWII.

So, the walking skeletons who came out of the graveyards of Europe and made it past the British blockade to Palestine supplemented the earlier Jewish pioneers, bringing the Jewish population in 1948 to some 600,000. This became the rag-tag army who were issued a vintage rifle, allowed to fire 3 bullets for training and sent to fight the converging armies from 7 Arab countries - Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen. These armies were all well-trained and well-armed by the British or French. The always perfidious Brits left their Taggart Forts and ammunition to the Arabs upon their departure for England. The Arabs met this ghostly army of Jewish survivors and were driven back in shock by the Jews. The Arabs never forgot this humiliating loss. They call it 'Nakba', the catastrophe - which it was for them, both physically and psychologically. This was a loss to their testicle-driven manhood and a loss to their vaunted pride in the fertile imagination of their invincibility.

Later, the Jews from Arab countries were evicted from homes and businesses with their lineage going back thousands of years. They lived in tent camps but, unlike Arab refugees, the Jews of Israel accepted their own people and they were eventually absorbed by a new country which had no money, no external resources and few natural resources except their own brains, grit and faith. The Arab refugees were kept in deliberate squalor and never allowed citizenship in the Arab countries - although they claimed a spurious brotherhood.

As history unfolds, there were more attacks and frequent Terrorism in between the six actual wars. The Arabs were beaten again and again, even more soundly. The Jewish people, who had not been warriors since ancient times, re-learned the arts of war. They often built their own arms when they were denied arms from the Western nations who were more concerned with sucking up to Arab oil then the survival of the tiny Jewish State.

In each war that Israel won, the Americans, Europeans and the Soviets would step in to insure that there was no final surrender by the Arabs. After all, how could the lowly Jews force the Arab world to its knees in a military victory?! Israel was time and again forbidden the fruits of victory to secure her sovereignty. Israel could not be allowed to be victorious as America was when she and her Allies defeated Germany and Japan, imposing a just and secure peace. Israel was never to be permitted such a victory or a full peace with a defeated enemy. Even now, the world screams when Israel dares to defeat Arafat's Terrorists and impose a peace which only power can maintain.

History continued to stumble on, with the Arabs hating the Jews, the Americans and the ever-present sniveling Europeans. What the Arabs could not win on the battlefield, they tried to win through Terror. Out of the Arab nations came their proxies: Iran sponsors Hezb'Allah in Lebanon under Syrian control. Syria hosts at least 10-12 Terror organizations. Egypt founded the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in 1964 - well before Israel had liberated Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan Heights and that part of Jerusalem which Jordan had occupied for 19 years. Other Terror organizations, like Al Qaeda out of Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Afghanistan - with some from Iraq -were fostered and trained in various Arab countries. The Soviet Union also ran immense Terrorist training camps, a fact exposed to the incredulous world during the First Yonatan Conference Against Terrorism in 1979.

Our U.S. State Department covered up these facts that their Arab 'allies', Eg., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, etc., were incubators for Terrorists. Rogue nations such as Iran, Syria, Iraq were more open in their display of hatred for Christian America and all non-Muslims. The Arabs called Israel "The Little Satan" and America "The Great Satan". They had a few pertinent, folksy sayings, like "First the Saturday people; then the Sunday people" and "Kiss the hand of your enemy until you can cut it off." These indicate the deep, enduring roots of the enmity that led to the 9/11.

Within days after 9/11, the FBI/CIA knew the perpetrators as 15 Saudi Arabians and 4 Egyptians, organized by Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi out of Sudan but then based in Afghanistan. So, America destroyed Afghanistan and the obvious Taliban Terror structure - leaving the warlords in control of their various areas and whatever Terrorists who could escape to the mountains or other countries - there to hide until opportunity calls them again for murder. They also thrive in the Free West, especially America, where they have set up "sleeper cells" awaiting their master Terrorists' calls for mega-attacks against their host countries.

Today, the radical Islamic Fundamentalists continue to turn history on its head, claiming that they only took up arms because it was the West, especially Israel and America, who attacked them, that is, who attacked Islam first. Arabs, when they revise history do not believe they are lying. The alteration of facts to suit their fantasies is simply a natural expression and custom of the way they see the world. A lie or a re-telling of the story is 'not a lie' but merely a 'new truth'. This is why the West cannot ever depend upon any agreement made with an Arab country. Everything is written on the sand which is quickly erased by the blowing wind and the laws of strict Islam.

When you hear an Arab Muslim say he is 'merely defending himself (or his country), be assured that he has already attacked his victim - particularly if he has lost the battle.

When you hear the Arab/Muslim nations bleat about why they are backward and poor, they blame America for their shortcomings. Be assured no one but their own leaders have whipped them down into the dirt.

The Lie is the Arab Muslims' best tool to explain defeat or excuse his planned attack against his enemies. As Carl Jung observed, the aggressor first blames his victim for planning to attack so that he can attack - with the claim that he is the supposedly injured party. The Leftist Liberal Media consume the 'Lie' as if it was candy - even expanding upon it.

So, losing wars to the Jews is merely the fault of the Americans who deprived them of their prey. To call the Arab Muslims "Terrorists" is not a racist statement. All the Terrorists in the last 10 years at least have been Arab Muslims. The Arab Muslim Terrorists are clever, deadly and have been trained and armed by the West. (We needed the money and the oil.)

Therefore, American had best be prepared to defend against malicious and nefarious Terror attacks of yet unknown magnitude. Winston Churchill once intoned: "The Hun is either at your throat or at your feet." So too, a radical Muslims, dedicated to a world dominated by Islam, will not stop until they are utterly defeated.

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